How to copy Wii games?

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    I just bought the kids a Wii. AnyDVD helps me make copies of DVDs which helps since they scratch and destroy so many DVDs. Anybody know of a way to make copies of Wii games without modifying the Wii?
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    There are plenty of guides on the web. Generally you need a weak game. I used LEGO starwars and a special 'save file'. Then you get access to the bootstrap and can load from SD card, where you have a modified loader. From here you can backup your games to USB hard drive and play them from there.

    Slysoft does not offer a WII solution.
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    Sounds complicated. I found something called Game Copy Wizard but the Youtube video makes it appear to be a scam since the software shown during the purported walkthrough was DVD-Decrypter. Guess I'll just hope to instill more responsibility in my kids.
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    Other than the game you need to buy, everything you need is freeware. If you pay for anything you're being ripped off.

    The guides are complex, but the actual doing is really straight forward. I'll post more later when Im at home.
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    Copy Wii Games

    Afterdawn will have all the information you need on how to back up your games.

    lots of ways to do this, simplest is use of Fridump or Rawdump, both free if you can track them down.

    You however require a specific DVD reader to do it, basically an LG reader usually with a GDR reference at the begining & a 8161, 2 3 or 4.

    Back ups of back ups image burn does just fine on standard drive.

    You will also need a modifies Wii, various options here, simplest at the moment is a device that inserts between the DVD drive and the mother board.

    Also options to use a external drive and a program manager, never tried this but know many who have.
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    You don't need a hardmod, or replace your WII drive. Checkout this for a softmod. You will need a SD card, a buggy game (LEGO Starwars), special gamesave file (Return of the Jodi), and a USB had drive to save your games onto.
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    got a 404 on that link :(
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    Works for me. Check your 'web nanny' software allows this content.
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    I was hoping Game Jackal did this also.... Im so spoiled with Slysoft products! Cant wait for them to invent a patch to back up Wii games too!
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    doubt they ever will, slysoft is not in the console (modding) business. There are no movies out on wii discs, so there's no point for them to invest in such a product
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    Copying Wii games

    Thanks for the link. Seems like more trouble than its worth. :bang: So far my kids are only interested in 2 or 3 of the games they received for XMAS. I on the other hand have grown to love having access to Netflix. So if nothing else - its a $100 Netflix player.
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    Wii games copy drives backup

    Hi there,

    Wii discs are not exactly DVDs. Nintendo uses a special format that is based on the DVD specifications called RVL-006, most PC DVD drives cannot read this format.

    There is a reading method with certain LG drives and a raw dump program. Once the raw data is read out, it can be burned to a DVD+R/RW with a copy software.

    In addition to this the original Wii discs usually have a BCA mark on the inner ring of each disc, e.g. a bar code. This BCA mark cannot be reproduced by a DVD writer and the Wii appears to read out this bar code. If the code is not present on the disc, the Wii won't accept the inserted media.

    Therefore installing a modchip is necessary in any case in order to play backups. _Of course this is a purely theoretical digression. We don't recommend installing a modchip or a modified firmware on a Wii._

    Some links:

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    thanks! pretty useful
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