How to Copy Specific Titles Only

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by 2aussies, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. 2aussies

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    I would like to use AnyDVD and CloneDVD to copy DVD movies but leave out all of the "junk" titles that I dont want, including Directors Comments, non-english audio, etc. Does anyone know how to identify the content of all the titles so that I might instruct CloneDVD not to copy the ones I dont want and keep the movie compression at its lowest ?

    I see how to do it, just dont know what the content of the titles are ?

    Thanx !
  2. Michaelkv

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    Try choosing "Copy DVD Titles" instead of "Clone DVD" option on the first screen. On the next screen you are given a line list of every title, usually with only the main movie title checked. You can click the preview tab to preview the video on other titles to make sure you don't want it. Make sure to check any titles you want to transfer, then proceed to the next screen. The slider bar at the bottom should tell you about how "compressed" the backup will be based on how many titles you've chosen. Hope that helps.
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    sounds good, but how about the audio, how do you select/preview specific tracks so you just get the movie with english audio ?
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    I don't think you can preview audio, just video. But there is a screen where you can check/uncheck audio and captions. I think it is the 2nd and or 3rd screens. They do tell you which audio and captions have been defaulted, but you can change to the ones you want.

    Another option is to write the backup to your hard drive instead of a disc, then watch it to see if it is OK, then burn it to disc, but it takes a lot longer.