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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by T-F, Jan 30, 2007.

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    I own all of the SlySoft apps and they are working great.

    My question is how to convert a DVD directly to a single WMV file (some DVDs I have are multiple VOBs and some are a single VOB).

    CloneDVD mobile seems to get close but WMV isn't an output option.

    I really prefer the WMV format and all my tools work with it (I just like having 1 format to deal with).

    Any suggestions are appreciated - Thanks!
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    Try DVDSanta
  3. T-F

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    I'm a total novice to all of this (old fart who got a new toy...please be gentle ;) ).

    Is the issue being addressed on this thread the reason I'm not finding a simple way to upload my DVDs from my hard drive to my new Zune???
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    Rip to a MP4 format with CloneDVDMobile (not sure what profile allows this) and then let the Zune client software convert from MP4 to wmv when it sync's. Its sort of a pain but until wmv is added to CloneDVDMobile there is not a 1 step process using this tool.
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