How to choose the track you want to record when playing dual edition Blu-ray discs

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by antipodes, Sep 1, 2017.

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    Several months ago I attempted to record "The Equaliser". The disc I purchased was labelled "vengeance edition". I initially thought this involved extra film footage but this was not the case when I choose to play the vengeance edition the film is played as normal but interspersed with interviews a methodology I found extremely annoying. I originally tried to make a 25GB copy but CloneBD kept defaulting to the Vengeance Edition. I eventually made a 50GB copy which allows me to play the edition I want to watch.

    How do I record a 25GB disc without the interviews using CloneBD
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    You must have chosen the wrong playlist in the " Preview Player" window. That is why they have a player included with CloneBD to help you choose which playlist to use. Just look for the playtime that corresponds to the non-vengeance time. If you are making a "FULL" disk backup then there must be a way in the menu to choose regular playback or Vengence mode to get the extra interviews.
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    Thank you worknstiff. I admit that I did not thoroughly check the "Preview Player" window for the appropriate timings. My post was to find out how to deal with such situations in future.
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    Yeah, we have all made backups and later found problems. I always play the original and note everything on the disk, including run times, audio tracks, subtitles, and even chapter points of what I want to include. Measure twice, cut once, lol.
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    Where have I heard that before.
    Oh yeah every construction job I've had. And even a machine shop too!!!
    But is a good philosophy to use. Along with work smarter not harder!
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