How to burn DVDs > 120 min

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    Is there a method to burn DVDs using CloneDVD which are larger than 2 hours? Most other programs recognize the data rate and are able to reduce the data and you can burn a DVD with less quality, but you have the movie on one DVD. When I try this with CloneDVd, the software gives out an error message, that the DVD would have not enough space to store the movie.
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    You need to compress the file to 4.38GB so it will fit on one standard DVD.
    Several programs do this such as Nero Recode and DVDShrink.
    DVDShrink is free shareware software you can download safely here:
    While this software will also decrypt most DVD's, they no longer do updates like the great people at AnyDVD.
    You'll also find a very good tutorial there also.
    Hope this helps.
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    The issue isn't really the length of the movie, it's the size. Movies over 4.38GB, from my experience using CloneDVD are "compressed" to fit the size of the sinfle layer disc. I've also copied movies under this size limit where the notes section on the last screen said the movie would fit and the transcoder would be disabled. When you go through the ClonDVD screens, there is a slider bar at the bottom of the screen that tells you (from 0-100%) how compressed the movie will need to be to fit on the specified disc. The higher the number, the less compressing.

    Make sure to choose the right type of disc you will be using on the bottom of the screen. Also try to only choose enough titles to copy that the slider stays in the green range and higher is better. CloneDVD should then "fit" the movie onto the disc even if it is over 4.38GB. If the slider is way down in the red range, you may get a bad copy or it may not even copy. Keep an eye on that slider. Hope that helps.
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    I have copied movies over 3 hrs long and had great results.
    Just copy movie only, (first title) (chapters) in copy window. Leave all the
    director's comments and other junk out and you will always
    have good copies
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    Beware of compressing too much.

    I upgraded to a projector last year and really wished I hadn't compressed my backups to fit on one disk. Changing disks half way through a film is a little annoying, but a lot less annoying than a very bad quality picture!
  6. ... and menus. If you are going this far, don't forget to uncheck the menus option at the top.

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    Make sure that you have 'DVD-5' selected down by the "quality gauge" and it should automatically compress it to the right size.
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    How to

    I used Dvd Shrink for a long time, until I got brave and tried DvdRebuilder. Now if Shrink is at 80% or less I use Rebuilder & get great quality on the big screen Plazma. The free version does just as good as the pro version.
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