How to burn a BR when in files

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Cabong, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Cabong

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    Hiya all,

    I have a BR consisting of files and directories, instead of an image. How do I burn it? Do I just copy the BDMV directory (and subdirectories) to disk using my favorite burning software, or is there more to it?

  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Wrong section, moved. Not an anydvd problem. AnyDVD doesn't burn at all. My 2 go-to solutions are CloneBD and IMGburn
  3. Jeff R 1

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    You can either use the free version of Clone BD, that will make a 1to1 copy of your files with out re-encoding.
    Or Imgburn (my favorite).
    On the opening page, select "Create an Image File from Files and Folders"
    After it's converted to an ISO, then you burn that ISO to disc.

    You can also mount the ISO with a virtual drive first before burning to make sure that it works so you don't waste a disc.
  4. testiles

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    Not really necessary to create a .iso unless you just want to.

    ImgBurn's "Write files/folders to disc" option allows you to burn the disc directly from the files and directories mentioned by @Cabong in post #1.

  5. Jeff R 1

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    But if he just burns the files and folders of a Blu-ray DVD to disc, it just remains a bunch of files and folders _ and in that state will a player know what to do with it, weather that player is licensed or un-licensed ?
    I thought that it had to be in an ISO format/container to be of any use, other wise it's still just a bunch of files folders.
  6. Ch3vr0n

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    No it doesnt. It won't remain just a bunch of files/folders. That "bunch" is a valid BD structure and any (un)licensed player will know what to do with it (provided the disc is using the proper UDF type, something IMGBurn will correct for you if it's set at the wrong type), unlicensed players usually will just have the problem of not supporting (full) menus.

    Rip a disc to folder structure with anydvd, point PowerDVD to that folder, tada BD playback will begin. There's no difference between ISO/folder structure when it comes to playback. It's just that:

    1. Iso groups the entire structure into a single ISO file with the correct properties
    2. ISO is REQUIRED for ripping a 3D disc (or you'll double the file structure in filesize)
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  7. testiles

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    Hey Jeff.

    You know, I thought the same thing when first learning about this stuff but ... what @Ch3vron said!

    A Blu-ray, or any media disc for that matter, is nothing but a group of folders. If you mount a disc and look at it in Explorer that's all there is.

    Believe me, I've done it more than a few times. Using ImgBurn's "Write files/folders to disc" does create valid Blu-Rays and DVDs.

    As Ch3vron says, some setting are involved but ImgBurn will figure those out for you and ask if you want to use its settings or customize your own. If, like me, you don't know a lot about customization, accepting its settings is the way to go.

    If you already have an .iso and decide you'd like to burn it, then ofc you'd do an ImgBurn "Write Image file to disc". No setting are required for this -- I think ImgBurn just does a straight copy in this case.

    There is a situation where an .iso shouldn't be written to disc in ImgBurn and that's if it's an AnyDVD protected .iso. ImgBurn will let you do it, but it won't play on any stand-alone because protections are still in place.

    To burn a protected. iso, you'd have to mount it with AnyDVD running and - you guessed it - copy it's folders to the disc.

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