How to backup my HD-DVD's

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    Hello, I purchased a Toshiba HD-A2 and along with it came the little mail in rebate for 5 HD-DVD's, and I also purchased another disc. On the 16th I of course will puchase transformers and simply don't want to run the risk of damaging my discs at the current cost of HD-DVD's. The question I have is because I want to backup my discs to actual disc the way you can with the standard software. I am wondering what the process is? I do not wish to play it from my pc at all, and wish to play the backup on my standalone A2.

    I suppose my main question is, with the HD-DVD spec, can I backup the discs to a DVD-9 with my standard dvd burner? Or do I have to wait for a HD-DVD burner to be released to the public? I am asking this in advance of purchasing the upgrade to my standard AnyDVD...

    Thanks for the help in advance,

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    You will need :

    1. A 360 HD-DVD Player to rip the video.

    2. A HD-DVD Burner to retain quality.

    3. An HD-DVDR as well.

    Software to compress and burn the title which doesn't exist yet.
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    Carlie: Thanks and curses.... Oh well, I will just have to be careful until the time the software becomes available. So I guess there is no purpose at this point of even thinking of doing the upgrade to Anydvd.. Bummer.. Thanks for the input..