How prevalent is Cinavia these days?

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    I am considering buying an Oppo 203 player and I know it recognizes Cinavia so I'm I'm just wondering how prevalent Cinavia is on new titles. I play back all of my rips now with an Nvidia Shield so Cinavia has been irrelevant but I am just wondering how it might affect a vast majority of movies going forward. It seems I found a thread on here a while back saying it was somewhat dying.
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    I do not follow the prevalence of Cinavia due to my current Oppo BDP-83, BDP-93, and a Samsung player pre-dating mandatory enforcement. I also stream via Plex to various devices. That said, the forums don't have a list of discs making use of it. Some other sites do. Personally, I think we're in a decline because it can be circumvented. With the move toward UHD using AACS 2.0 and BD+ 2.0 possibly on the horizon Cinavia has had it's day, IMHO. The same can be said for BD+, as well. Only 21st Century Fox uses it and will that last especially if Disney buys Fox? Studios have to pay extra for Cinavia, BD+, etc. Why waste the money?

    Cinavia releases:

    2013: ~40 titles
    2014: ~60 titles
    2015: ~60 titles
    2016: ~80 titles
    2017: ~50 titles
    2018: ~4 titles so far
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    Interesting... So long Cinavia! But they will come up with some new BS that has to be circumvented.
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    Indeed. I think AACS 2.0 while it can be gotten around... for now... will be the first test and will survive alone for awhile. And they haven't even gone the AACS 2.0 Enhanced route requiring online authentication. Once "friendly" drives are gone and the loophole used with the LG WH16NS60 certified UHD drive via DeUHD is closed - which it was with the 1.01 firmware - what will be the way to do things then? AACS 2.0 will be enough for awhile. Cinavia 2.0 if it even exists, BD+ 2.0 if anyone ever uses it, etc, will be superfluous protections layered on top that require additional licensing costs to the studios. To what end? If they are not needed then why burn money on them? I still don't understand why Fox pays for BD+ when it is absolutely useless.
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    I hate cinavia, whoever thought it needs to be locked up. I bought a lifetime subscription to those fab guys cinavia remover. Sony titles will probably still have it until the end of time and maybe lionsgate too. It seems to be in the decline though.