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    How many DVD's have you managed to back up on your burner? What's the brand?

    Were they all successful burns? :clap:

    I thought it might be great to have a thread where we could ballpark the number of discs we've backed up, whether it be media or data and be able to see how successful hardware is by brand and model.

    Let's say between photos, data, film media and assorted for self and friends I should be over the 400 point on a Philips DVD burner.

    If the thread is successful, I'll return with updates and let you know when I finally break it down to nothing, it's less than 8 months old. It should need to be replaced at some point, let's hear what you have and how aggressive you are with it.

    Maybe it's not all film, maybe it's data, who knows, let's see! :agree:
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    ive got a memorex burner. backed up maybe 150-200 disks (to divx as well as dvd>dvd). i use a mix of verbatim (dvd>dvd) and memorex (dvd>divx) mostly using memorex. i know its crappy media, but its cheap and i dont need to have the data last very long. by the time the disc dies my siblings will have ruined it anyway ;)

    i have yet to have a failed burn on anything video (i had a failed burn on a dvdrw once, for an xbox game, but thats it ever)
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    DVDRW's are hardware and their longevity is hard to put a time limit on. Usage, as well as environment, can effect their lifespan.
    I have well over 700 burns on a Plextor 716SA and I have an older Lite-On 811S that had 500+ before I replaced it. The Lite-On is still working but I rarely use it.
    I have a couple of NEC's that have a good 200+ burns also. The only optical drive I have had fail me was an NEC DVD-ROM.
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    I have well over 2000 movies I use Taiyo Yuden I have 2 burners a Sony DRU710 and a Lite ON SATA 20X DVD±R DVD Burner With 12X DVD-RAM Write I got about 3 months ago both work great I have only had maybe about 100 bad burns since I started this setup about 2 years ago before I used and Aopen burner and matrix Disc "s I have a lot of coasters with this one
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    I have a samsung burner and all I use are VERBATIM +R discs and get good results
    check out this link and see what media is recommended
    video media guide