How long shoud it take to rip a Blu-ray Disc?

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  1. apmadoc

    apmadoc Member

    Can anyone tell me how long it should take to rip a blu-ray disk?

    I have a 2X Blu-Ray drive.

    A system running Vista Ultimate, 3GB of memory, a local hard drive with over 300GB of free space.

    Right now it's been running for over 5 hours and it's only showing 12% done.

  2. hlkc

    hlkc Well-Known Member

    20 to 30 mins at the most. Please read this post and it might be your problem.
  3. starz

    starz Well-Known Member

    dunno were you get 20 to 30 Min's at most thats more like minimal for a full SL BD on a 2 X reader 2 X will not go over 9 MBPS now if you have a 6 X then yeah, 20 to 30 Min's

    at 2X with a Full BD SL (25GB) is about 30-45 min and a DL FULL (50 GB) is around 90 Min's give or take a little but theres no way a 2 X can read a full DL BD in just 30 Min's or less at 2 X, faster one 4 x 6x yeah, now if theres a way to make them go faster then they are marked to be from the factories then thats news to me, would love to know how, :D
  4. starz

    starz Well-Known Member

    EDIT- Also witch version of anydvd are you useing?
    EDIT- and posting a log mayhelp as well,

    what kind of drive is it, sata 2?
    are you sure anydvd didn't just freeze up like has it been stuck on 12% for like most of the 5 hours?
    have you tried another disc?
    is it all discs that are doing this?
    have you tried simply rebooting your computer?

    this is if you could from the begging not get any disc to read fast: but you may want too try this anyway's:
    if it's sata you may need to update your drivers, meaning your motherboard drivers, to allow sata to work correctly with your BD drive, learned this from experience,

    this is if you have had a sudden slow down that occurring all the time: but you may want to try this as well anyways rather fast and simple:
    also another thing if a drive is running slow simply removing the drives device driver and letting windows reboot and find and install its driver for the BD-DVD ROM like it does for any DVD drive you first boot up with installed. can fix extreme slowness, also a experience I had. this was in a case were the drive went from running normal fast to running extremely slow.

    there can be other factors that are causing your problem as well just sharing what I know that worked from experience, and happened to work.

    but in no case that I know of should it take 5 hours for 100 % let alone 12 %
    see above reply for details of the average on 2 X BD readers
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  5. andy o

    andy o Well-Known Member

    Also, with a 6x drive like the LG, 6x is only the fastest speed, when the laser is reading the outermost part of the disc. Since the disc spins at the same max speed throughout the read, it starts slower (like 2X), and gradually gets faster as the laser reads outwards the disc, and the linear velocity gets higher. For a single-layer disc, the fastest speed will be at the end of the rip, and for a dual layer, it will peak, and then get slower again. So real-time for a DL rip on a 6X is about 50 min I think.

    Maybe a 2X drive can maintain 2X throughout the rip, if it can vary its angular velocity to maintain full linear velocity at all times.
  6. scmeis1

    scmeis1 Well-Known Member

    How the hell do you get 20-30 min blu ray burns?

    I have a qx9650 OC to 4.8 Ghz
    8 Gig Ram
    10 x 1T WD drives through promise ex16350 Raid card
    Evga 8800gt OC SSSC

    And its water cooled

    Mine never takes 30 min. I always take about 1 - 3 hours.. Depends on the movie and protections. I rated a 15959 on 3DMark.

    I can also do a regular video in 6 minutes full Dual layer...

    I really do not see how you can rip a blu-ray movie in 30 minutes.
  7. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    The longest for me is about an hour and 20 to an hour and a half. Never more than that and almost always less. Usually 45 to an hour depending on the size of the disc.
  8. Bigrick

    Bigrick Well-Known Member

    same here and i use the same drive, i think most people on here use the lg ggc-h20l or the ggw-h20l
  9. andy o

    andy o Well-Known Member

    That seems too long, I don't think I've ever taken more than an hour (with the LG drive), maybe even 50 minutes, and I have ripped several 48-or-so GB movies, even via USB.
  10. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    The one that took an hour and 20 was 48 gigs. It's got a sata hard drive in there so if it should be faster I have no idea how to make it so.
  11. cohiba

    cohiba Member

    When I ripped AVP2 (40-something GB), it took 1 hour and 5 minutes. Of course, I'm on a lowly E2160...
  12. corvettej

    corvettej New Member

    It takes me anywhere from 36 minutes to 1 hour 5 minutes and I was thinking it should be faster, but each movie is different.
  13. hlkc

    hlkc Well-Known Member

    My HTPC spec is listed in my signature and once again, majority of my 50 BD takes between 20 to 30 mins and never took more than an hour, maybe 45 mins few times. Don't have AVP2 yet. Will try that later and let you guys know.
  14. starz

    starz Well-Known Member

    my thoughts on this are that the ones that are saying they get shorter times that seam impossible are not actually clocking it.
  15. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    I clock mine. ImgBurn keeps good track of it and I've found it to be accurate. But then, I've never seen a 20 minute BD rip, either. :D The shortest I think I've seen is about 35-40 minutes and that was for a fairly small movie. 21 gigs I think.
  16. hlkc

    hlkc Well-Known Member

    Let me clock one and report all the info to you all by tomorrow.

    What I usually do is throw a disk in and give my daughter a ride to her school, less than 10 miles, and by the time, I return it usually done if not close. But I have to admit that I never time/clock it. Once again will let you know all the info by tomorrow.
  17. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    You may be surprised hlkc. I think it's taking longer than you think.
  18. starz

    starz Well-Known Member

    in my case it starts up slow but reaches full speed within the first 45 seconds or so, then usually maintains this speed to what I assume is the layer break on a BD disc,

    I don't know this for a fact but I was told a while back that DL discs actually stop and spin the opposite way at the layer break, witch would explain why things slow a lil in the middle of the rip, My lite ons change spin speed to counteract what your explaining above so there for keeps the same speed but the higher the rate of data you try to read the more what your explaining above becomes harder to counteract to keep a steady speed of data flow, faster also adds to error rates too.

    I have never used LG personally, I have heard they are good, but not as good as plextor and lite on, but things change all the time.
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  19. starz

    starz Well-Known Member

    yeah but your not the one saying there 2 x BD drives reading 40 gigs in 30 Min's,:D I even copy ISO files from comp to comp on gigabyte LAN runs about 35 MB ps takes at least 18-25 Min's 48 GB and were a long way if ever from BD readers that read that fast.
  20. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    Yea, I know. We'll see what he reports after he's had time to time it. :) I bet it'll be in line with the rest of us.