How does one get SRT subtitles without Burn-In?

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by kws53, Oct 12, 2020.

  1. kws53

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    To get SRT subs, one has to choose the subtitle. Once doing that it seems that the subtitle is also burned in.
    Seems counter-productive...

    Or am I doing something wrong?
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    You're doing something wrong. You specify through settings is you want them burned in (embedded) or separate.

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  3. supersonik

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    is it allowed to send a screenshot to make it clear where to find this setting ?
  4. kws53

    kws53 Member

    All I know is I chose English subtitles and chose SRT. I received a separate SRT file - AND the subtitles were burned in. They are NOT muxed inside the MP4.
  5. kws53

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    Burned-in and embedded are different - burned-in is part of the video. Embedded is when the subtitle file (SRT/SUP/SUB, etc) is muxed in the container. Separate is a file outside of the container.
  6. Prospere

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    Just open AnyStream. Go to "File->Settings" select the "Download" tab. There is the "Subtitles" section at the bottom. You may select one of the three options:

    • Embedded
    • SRT file
    • TTML file
  7. kws53

    kws53 Member

    Again folks - I selected SRT and received a separate SRT file (good!) and a burned-in subtitle on my video (bad!) - on the SAME download.
  8. albino

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    Tons of Amazon movies already have burned in subtitles and also have separate subtitle tracks, this is very common. You can test this yourself by playing the movie on the actual Amazon website and then manually turning off subtitles in the settings to see if you still see the translations on the screen.
  9. supersonik

    supersonik Member

    ah now i understand. sry
    ya f.e. aniverse, german anime channel on amazon hosted by KSM Anime GmbH
    is deliviring hardsubs on there simulcast fall 2020 animes.
    but there is the only thing which keeps you wondering "language german" but it is japanese and no subs selectable.

    something like that is probably on your end too.
  10. kws53

    kws53 Member

    This was Netflix - Enola Holmes...