How Do You Copy Blu-Ray Discs

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  1. imabum

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    Anyhddvd is what I use to break them down, what can I use to copy them? Also is it possible to compress 28 gb t0 25 gb?
  2. DonCarlos

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    I read in the forum that, if you want to copy them take the folder AnyDVD ripper made and get the certificate folder from the disc(I don't know myself which on I think you have to try it out, try the C.folder while anydvd is running and not running..... and burn it with nero 8(maybe 7 also is working) as a data blu ray with UDF=2.5 or higher.(When you click on the new disc it should look the same like the original but without the AACS folder(you can take the Slyfolder with you))

    No there is no option to compress and split movies at the moment....Oh wait there is an option you can buy Sonic Scenarist for 5000$ than you can do it I think(didn't test it myself I do not have the money)
  3. mick2006

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    This is a relatively simple process:

    1) Rip the disc to your hard drive
    2) Delete the certificate file that anydvd creates as well as all the other contents of the BDMV folder except the stream folder.
    3) Copy and paste all files from the original disc to the BDMV folder. So what you end up with is the BDMV folder with everything else inside it.
    4) Use Nero 7 or 8 burning rom program (or whatever blu ray burning program you have) to create a data disc. Make sure to set the UDF profile to 2.5.

    That's it. However, to reduce the size of the folder to fit on a 25 gb disc you usually need to get rid of some files (previews for example). Make sure you don't delete something the disc will need to navigate.

    You will find that this method isn't an option most of the time because the data won't fit on a 25gb disc, even after you delete some unneeded files. You can simply make a data disc using the main movie file, but all you have is the movie with no navigational abilities, subtitles, etc. This is not to mention that 25gb discs cost about $12 to buy (sometimes you can find them cheaper on ebay). I have used this process myself, but it is expensive. My best advice is stick with the original, use a home theatre PC, or buy a great media stremer like the Tvix 6500 which will be coming out in a couple of months. The PC and Tvix method allow you to play the files without any disc, so your original disc isn't worn down and you don't have to buy blank blu ray discs.
  4. starz

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    These 4 steps Allow the burned BD to play in a standalone BD player?
    if so cool- Now if only a BD-r wasn't as much as a movie,
    I haven't yet found away to get blank BD-r discs less then 20 bucks
    20.99 in stores for 25 G and on-line yes 12-14 but delivery's like 7-9 bucks
    making right back up any savings, For Now I just Use DVD+R's and my PC theater to play um, yes I know your gona wounder how I use a DVD+R
    well I basically Win rar into split archives given me on average 7 DVDs worth the parts when I need the movie I just load them disc's back onto my theater PC HDD and play them, best part is later on these rips can be put on BD-r cause this changes none of the files just allows cheap storage of my back ups without eating up 100's of HDD's and without using BD-r:D
    average back up cost is 1-2 dollars per movie average archive time is 10 min average burn time is 30 min (extra 30 Min IF u verify Burns) average extraction time is 10 Min Depending on the Amount Of Data.

    I have backed Up 70 Of my Blu Rays this way with no issues :D
    just another cheap idea :D
  5. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    First, no, that doesn't work with BD+ discs. We need to wait for Slysoft to eradicate that crap from our lives. Playback of BD+ discs only works from hard drive right now.

    Second, yea, I used to do that with DVD's back when they first came out and DVD media was prohibitively expensive. I'd burn them onto CDR's. Same idea. It does indeed work well.
  6. videobruce

    videobruce Active Member

    ......and eat up 25GB per movie of HDD space.
    Doing it that way will fill up even the largest drive real quick. ;)
  7. hr_muadib

    hr_muadib Well-Known Member

    Play of BD+ from HDD does not work for me...

    I'm sorry but on my case i still cannot play my BD+ backup i made from my Blu Ray disc of The Rise of the Silver Surfer...

    I used the latest AnyDVD beta, ripped the data with no errors and no problems to disc.
    Then, when i try to play from the HDD, i receive the same screens i get when i'm playing my original Blu Ray disc!

    I did not change anything on the HDD backup...
    Should i do anything to my backup in order to play it (using Power DVD Ultra)?

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards.

  8. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    Having not done this myself yet, I'll do my best to explain the method anyway.

    1> Rip the disc to the hard drive, as you have done
    2> Disable AnyDVD HD and copy the following from the disc to your hard drive folder that contains the backup:

    DO NOT COPY THE AACS OR BDMV FOLDERS! Just the other stuff.

    3> With AnyDVD HD still disabled, open PowerDVD Ultra and do a playback from folder and select your ripped folder.
    4> Get popcorn and beer. :)
  9. hr_muadib

    hr_muadib Well-Known Member

    Thanks! For me it will be the 1st time!

    Thank you friend.
    I will try to do just that.

    Best regards,
  10. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    Let me know how it works. Until UPS shows up with my new HTPC parts I won't be able to test it out myself. :)
  11. clareman

    clareman Well-Known Member

    what I do in this case (which works with streams in the 30GB range) is to use TSREMUX, calculate the single audio stream that will fit...if you are lucky, you can get rid of all the compressed streams and leave the pcm or in some cases just the TRUEHD stream. Make sure you set tsremux to create a bluray and burn that. Of course you remux only the large movie stream and leave all else will not get any kind of menu, but tsremux will create chapters for you...

    in extreme cases just remux half the movie and split it that way...

    of course, you could splurge for a 50GB BR-RE and experiment with that, and erase after watching
  12. hr_muadib

    hr_muadib Well-Known Member

    Rise of the Silver Surfer Success on making Backup to HDD AND BD-R-DL

    Just to confirm that the process of making the backup to HDD was a success after making a copy of all the necessary folders.

    So, in the end i just kept from the AnyDVD backup the follwing folder, and deleted all the others:


    Then, i copied the follwoing from the original Blu Ray, DO NOT COPY BDMV and AACS:



    Then, just for fun, i made my first compilation of a Blu Ray disc (Sony brand) using one BD-R-DL 50Gb.
    I used the new Nero 8, and compiled it using the option of a UDF disc v2.5

    The result.... A perfect copy of my original disc with EVERYTHING! Now i can play the HD content in full, Video + Image.
    This Fox DVD is the Portuguese version, and i can assure it works in full. No problems at all. Perfect picture.

    I hope this helps anyone trying to do this.
    This is NOT quite viable since the BD-R-DL are quite expensive so, for me, it was just despair! I have the original and still, cannot play it AT ALL!

    Best regards.
  13. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    Wait, you burned it and it played back??? If that's the case you're the only one I know of that's been able to do that so far. That's mighty impressive.
  14. clareman

    clareman Well-Known Member

    tried this same thing with the us version of robocop and I got a "this disc is a region a disc, please play it in a region a player"

    (using a ps3 as the player)
  15. hr_muadib

    hr_muadib Well-Known Member

    To SamuriHL: It's real and true!

    Hello SamuriHL,

    What i say it's real and TRUE! Believe me...

    I swear by my onw life! I know most people say it's not possible but with me it worked ok
    Just one update, my configuration is:

    PC: Intel Dual Core 2.4 with 4gb of RAM
    Graphic card: nVidea 8800 GTS
    Blu Ray: BRW 100A (with latest firmware)
    AnyDVD: latest beta

    I also could not believe it worked ok, but now my Power DVD Ultra, with the special patch version 3319a, can read the Blu Ray disc in FULL with everything. I'm talking about the backup on the BD-R-DL 50Gb, the original i still cannot play at all!

    Just one problem...
    With my backup disk I cannot access the menu with my mouse, only using Power DVD Ultra shortcuts AND the keyboard keys!

    If you travel to Portugal i can show you, in orther to proove oit, that what i'm saying is true!
    I just followed your tips and, by my own risk, burned a new compilation into my first and probably only BD-R-DL.

    As i say, this is grate but it's not ok for most users. A BD-R-DL is VERY expensive, at least in Portugal.

    I want to thank you SamuriHL for your excelent tips and you ALL for sharing info.

    And offcourse to AnyDVD team for this excelent tool.

    PLEASE NOTE, in my case i'm NOT doing any piracy, my backup disc is ONLY for my personal use.

    Beest regards,

  16. hr_muadib

    hr_muadib Well-Known Member

    To clareman: Using Power DVD Ultra i had to change to region B

    Hello clareman,
    ragarding your claim with PS3 for the region, i also confirm to you that in my case, and since i'm using a PC, i had to use Power DVD Ultra 3319a to change my drive (Sony BRW 100A) region code to Region B (It was by default in Region A).

    Since i'm Portuguese, this is my correct regional code, and that way i was able to use by backup disc (BD-R DL 50Gb) of Rise of the Silver Surfer.

    It' seems that for new Blu Ray movies with BD+ protection, the use of AnyDVD is not 100% ok since the regions are now REALLY mandatory and they will avoid us from using a disc that is diferent from our hardware configuration. At leat in a PC....

    This is a BIG error from Sony and Blu Ray group supporters. At least from Europe cinema/video lovers, that imports a HUGE amount of titles from U.S.A.

    Best regards,
  17. ocnier

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    I disagree. A 1 TB drive right now is about $320 which equals about 32 cents per gigabyte. The average HD movie in size is about 26 GB. The equivalent cost per movie then is only about $8-$9 per movie (which is still cheaper than anything else out there). This doesn't even take into account the lack of clutter from not having to maintain all the discs and greater flexibility of medium if you have a HTPC. :D Who cares about the BD burning discs. Hard drive is the way to go (oh, BTW hard drives will continue to drop in price). If your worried about back up for that and the index cost just get a Drobo and be done with it. You can always sell the old drives that you take out. 8)
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  18. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    I wasn't doubting it, I just found it amazing cause others have tried to replicate those results and were not successful. IMO that's really awesome that it works for you! I don't have a burner so I can't try to reproduce it. I just got my HTPC built last night and have yet to even try a mounted Blu-ray image from the PS3 yet(having problems getting linux fully working for me. needs a reinstall as I completely killed it. Darn PS3). I did, however, try out some HD DVD's and it's phenomenal quality on the new HTPC. In any case, like I said, I'm glad that worked!
  19. DonCarlos

    DonCarlos Well-Known Member

    I am a little bit confused about one post I found in the forum. There somebody said that the XBOX360 HDDVD drive is just able to get a resolution of 1080i and the PS3 1080p. I know what the difference between the i and the p is. I thought if you rip a Bluray or a HDDVD to your harddrive and the material on the media is in 1080p it only depends on the graphics card and the screen how good the resolution on your Pc will be. I didn't thought that a drive can make the quality of a Movie worse?!Or am I mixing things up? Please could somebody help me and explain the things slowly to me?
  20. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    I think you're referring to something I said. My xbox 360 only does 1080i simply because my TV only allows 1080p on HDMI and the 360 only has component(at least mine anyway). So yes, it's dependent on the graphics card and what you have it connected to. My PS3 is connected via HDMI so I get 1080p. My new HTPC does 1080p and will work for both HD DVD and Blu-ray images.