How do I know if my burner is DL capable?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by parrotrooper, May 13, 2007.

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    Greetings! The members of this forum have been of invaluable service in making my CloneDVD usage a successful experience.

    I've tried to backup several films onto a blank Double Layer (DL) DVD. In each case, I receive a "Source Data Too Large" error message.

    I'm selecting "DL" in CloneDVD2 and receive a "100%" quality display. The film and its extras are about 2 hours in length.

    My computer is 3-4 years old. How do I know if its drive is even capable of making dual-layer copies?

    It's a Toshiba/Samsung: TSSTCORP CD/DVDW TS-H552B GA04 / OEM Code GA

    I went to Samsung's website, but was unable to determine from there whether it's DL capable.

    I believe I'm signed up for automatic upgrades of the writer via the Samsung website--but I'm not certain of this.

    Does anyone believe they know the answer?

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    Hi, Try downloadind DVD Idetifier (it free) when you open it on the top select your dive and it will tell you what dvd media it can write 2. some can only write to DVD-DL and not to DVD+DL or mite not write to ether. That should help you out I hope. good luck
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    Steve 61617: Thanks!

    I used your advice and learned what I need to know: My driver is NOT capable of making copies of Dual-Layer discs. Not good, but now I know. I also made a small donation to DVD Identifier for making his software available.
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    what media were you using? DVD+DL or DVD-DL ?
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