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How do I create profile when executable is on CD?


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Jul 12, 2007
So far my experience with Game Jackal has been great. My boys aged 7 and 5 were ruining game discs. Game Jackal solved that problem.

I am stuck trying to create a profile for Freddi Fish 4. The game runs from CD and does not install any executable to hard disk. So if I create the profile pointing to the executable on the CD, I am required to have the CD mounted for the profile to start. So how can I set up to run without the CD?

Thanks in advance.
the CD may not have copy protection - have you tried copying the entire CD to hard drive then running the gaem from that HD folder ?
i think there is an option to make an "image" of the hole cd-dvd... but if you dont install anything to the pC MAY NOT WORK..