How Can I Rip the Movie Only

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  1. Armnian4lf

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    I'm trying to rip the movie only from a Blu-ray Disk. I was wondering how I can do that with AnyDvd HD. Please help I cant find any information on this anywhere.
  2. Webslinger

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    You can't. Anydvd ripper produces a full disc rip.
  3. jdohn2002

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    You could use tsremux to remux the main movie file straight from the disk to your harddrive. Of course, make sure that Anydvd HD is running, especially if it is has BD+. The result would be the movie only.
  4. captain_video

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    Check the tutorial on shrinking a Blu-Ray rip on your hard drive located in a separate thread in this forum. Some Blu-Ray discs have parts of the movie scattered all about in separate m2ts files instead of one large one. You'd need to reconstitute into a single large file them using BDEdit.
  5. stigmata666

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    i'm also interested in keeping the main movie only, but also the menu. I've read the tutorial on shrinking blu-ray on hdd and tried to understand it :)o especially if movie is divided into multiple xxxxx.m2ts ... :eek:). Now is it possible to keep only the main movie and also the menu and thén burn it?

    Thank you in advance.

    PS: I'm not so sure if I should reply on this or start a new thread so please don't shoot me immediatly. :)
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