How can I install game that won't install normally due to drm?

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  1. Charlie and others,

    Multiple Slysoft product question with focus on eventually using Game Jackal.

    I know I can try different releases.. problem is I never get around to it and time expires, anyway.. I need to prep and get out a pc to my brother and nephew and I want to load some games for them to play before I send off and to do so I might need more than game Jackal and AnyDvd.. Just not sure what I need.

    A couple years ago I bought Far Cry and it has yet to allow itself to be installed on 3-4 pc's I have tried to install it on.. always gets error on disc 3 with error 1305 or whatever and no more installation. This is in 5 CD version of CD game. Would something like AnyDVD help in installing this game that I paid for and have yet to play? In Game Jackal ... in tutorial it says Any DVD, etc.. need to be disabled at certain times.. If I get Any DVD and Game Jackal how would one best install games without the DRM crap and just be able to play them?

    Also, what else do I need.. I will need to order for a couple pcs.. do I need to do from each pc separately when I buy? I want to try for that Easter discount.. Can same order span a couple different pcs and if so, how do I need to go about it?

    Thanks for any advice and help.

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  2. Frank

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    The party may be over

    There are apparently many users with this game getting that error, likely due to poor mastering. The web is full of 1305 errors and this game. :(

    The site with the most hints and tricks can only offer this:

    If you have Error 1305, try cleaning the disks, updating firmware for your drive or if all else fails, return the disks. The same goes if your files are corrupted.

    Sounds like lighting a candle in an East-facing window might also help :mad:

    Since you are speaking about zip/cab material I can't say if AnyDVD will work as this is not a protection issue, really. Get the 6400 version of AnyDVD, open the task bar fox, click the "rip ... " option and attempt to get the data over to the hard drive. Worth a shot. ;)

    Otherwise, contact EA and ask for a replacement which they will do for a small fee (around 10 bucks) or go to, then to pc game fixes, etc. and try your luck there too.