How are people creating 4K HDR files from Amazon Prime?

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by mkelley, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. mkelley

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    So because I own some Redfox products I get the alert about Anystream but don't think much of it because I have all the content I need AND I have Netflix (and pay for the higher 4K res) and Amazon Prime.

    But for the holidays we change our entire system over to 4K and suddenly I notice things like "Marvelous Mrs. Maizel" are being "acquired" somehow by people in 4K and HDR. And they look MUCH better than I can stream them over my extremely fast (150mbps) internet from Amazon Prime itself.

    So now I look at Anystream and see that it only can capture in HD, which begs the question: how the heck are people encoding/getting these streams? This content isn't for sale on DVDs, so they aren't ripping from there. And it IS 4K and HDR, I can tell you that - even a visual test reveals so much more detail and depth from the stream it isn't even funny.

    Inquiring minds want to know (and sorry if this is a bit OT, but I'd buy Anystream if I could create these 4K files).
  2. LightEssence

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    In 4k, you can watch Microsoft Edge Chromium, you can use it to try to set up a broadcast on your 4k TV
  3. DannyBoi

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    anystream downloads and doesnt capture files and can only download up to 1080p not 4k yet!