Hotel Transylvania 3 Blu-Ray

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  1. dbezerra

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    I see 2 tracks:
    segment map 1,354

    segment map 1,355

    Duration, chapters and size are all equal. How do I identify the correct one? Logs attached.

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  2. mmdavis

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    As this is the DVD section, being in the Bluray section would get a better response.
  3. Ch3vr0n

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    Use Clonebd, most likely as with any Disney title this is just a case of different language intro etc and both are correct
  4. az_raiden

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    This is for US retail bluray version:

    00359.mpls is the correct playlist. It includes the main movie "00001M2TS" and the ending credits "00354M2TS" with all of the actor names.

    00360.mpls includes the main movie "00001M2TS" and the ending credits "00355M2TS" which does NOT show all of the actor names.

    So if you're using MakeMKV, you would select the first 21.8GB title.