Hitman (2007) - Bluray doesn't play

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    Hitman (2007) - http://imdb.com/title/tt0465494/

    1. Bluray movie ripped video to harddrive - AnyDVD HD - ver
    2. Attempt to play using Nero Showtime - Failed - "Region A encoded movie won't play" - Nero Showtime has played 99% of the newer releases with menus like a regular player. Playing the Root folder instead of the .m2ts file.
    3. Attempt to play with Windows Media Player (FFDShow and Halli Splitter) - shows black background - no progress bar - it's like the it tries to start and stops.
    4. Attempt to play .m2ts with CyberMedia PowerDVD Ultra plays with wrong audio (spanish instead of english)
    5. Attempt to play original disc with Cyber Media PowerDVD Ultra from source bluray drive - works.

    Seems this is a FOX - BD+ ROM format.

    Latest versions of all player software installed - latest version of anydvd hd installed. Other movies to date (mostly new releases) have been working successfully.
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    you need to update to the newest version of anydvd hd this was a problem when it first came out but its been fixed with the newest version
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  4. moviegoerman

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    latest version

    Sorry, my bad. I was considering the latest version to be the version on the download page. I didn't consider a beta version to be the latest version as stated.

  5. Bigrick

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    always make sure to check the forums theres beta updates all the time and for the most part like your situation they can be real helpful for new problems you might run into