High-Def DVD Hardware Modifications Are Necessary to Implement Upcoming Content Prote

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    Forcing people to upgrade players, especially stand-alone ones, will not be appreciate buy consumers ...

    High-Def DVD Hardware Modifications Are Necessary to Implement Upcoming Content Protection Technologies

  2. tekmobile

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    This is only a soft upgrade and with all HD DVD players network connectivity is mandatory so the update is seemless providing you have a internet connection connected to your player.

    These updates do not happen very often and can also be applied from CD if a internet connection is not available.
  3. James

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    It is highly unlikely that existing stand alone players can get audio watermarking detection via a firmware upgrade, because of the limited computational power of embedded systems.
  4. iansilv

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    Oh man I hope hddvd is not stupid enough to implement this. Let blu ray do it all they want, but not hddvd

    Are you listening Toshiba? If you really want to piss off your legitimate customers, implement a firmware update, and keep new releases from playing. If you do not, just leave things alone and realize that pirates will always be pirates, no matter what kind of protection you involve. Legitimate consumers buy your products, not pirates- so don't piss them off!

    Seriously, AACS LA has got to be run by some of the dumbest f#$%s in the world.
  5. SamuriHL

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    The exception to that I think would be with the Xbox 360 + HD DVD addon and the PS3. I would think those could be firmware upgraded as both have more than enough power to handle it.
  6. Rathbone80

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    I think you don't need a firmware update for pc drives, because the drive only reads the data, the software player has to process it and so has to be updated.
  7. SamuriHL

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    In the case of the PS3 that's done through a firmware update. On the 360 I think the update is stored on the hard drive somewhere and gets loaded when it's turned on, so, technically it's not updating a firmware.