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  1. Ajax

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    It has been proven that once you get a title key from the HD-BR_DVD disk you can decode it right!:rolleyes: "Well it is stored in memory" I think that anydvd should hold up to its name(ie any dvd) and emulate keys from a dictionary to decrypt these movies:) ...

    Oh yeah and truly thanks for the forum its awesome...:)
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  2. gus738

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    i agree slysoft should make a total hd decoder due to the reason that again like dvd the disc can get damged , this is another reason why i havn't steped in on the standard disc due to not being able to backup the movies and worrying about damging them
  3. 4x4le

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    this is a big worry of mine too because I hate to see a new formatte come out! It is just a marketing ploy to make us buy new stuff. Its not like the human eye can tell that much of a difference to make the new stuff worth throwing out all your old stuff. Anyways, I think that if the new formatt is not compatible with old dvd players (i dont know much about this hd dvd and blue whatever besides I dont want it and I think standard dvds are enough) anyways, I think that It would be a nice feature if you could make it so that we can put one of the new formatted disks in our existing writers and copy it to a standard dvd and watch it in a standard dvd player like a standard dvd. That way even if were forced to buy the new disks, our existing software will be good enough. My biggest complants about these new disks is that I heard the rumor that they are supposedly impossible to copy.:( I somehow doubt that) and defenatially hope it isnt going to be true in the near future.
  4. tigert

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    Most things were impossible at one time or another......
  5. Franchise

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    From what I understand, SlySoft has no intention of siding with Sony on this one or I could be mistaken. It would have to change if Sony "wins", but from what I've seen so far from either side, HDDVD sounds better to me.
  6. Ajax

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    HD is for weirdies like me who like to have the new stuff they brain wash us with it makes politics and the world around us disappear... MMMM forbiden Dohnut...
  7. 4x4le

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    I first heard of these in a crutchfield mag. They (at the time but well see) said that they refuse to carry these products and invite everyone else to protest and boycott these products. Humm nevermind, I wanted to check befor I posted. I went to check my latest mag from them. They now carry both products. Looks like they dont dont believe actions speek louder than words anymore. Guess Ill be calling them up and bitching about the article I read a few monthes ago.
  8. munnman84

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    The Low-down on HD/Blu-ray/DVD

    While most people were quick to through out there VHS players, the same won't be said about switching out for DVD to HD....at least for now. The best way to describe the difference between HD and regular DVD and even Blu-ray is getting a better and better MP camera. The higher the MP (megapixel) the clearer the image (duh!). I'm sure most if all know this, but you reach what I call a "clarity" point where the naked eye cannot distinguish and DVD manufacturers have now reached that point with the introduction of HD and Blu-ray. Blu-ray and HD isn't effective SCIENTIFICALLY unless you have a HD ready Tv WITH add-ons (meaning all extra necessary equipment) on a 36" large screen. (don't believe me visit http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/hd-dvd.htm for further "specifics"). I myself am a poor college student unable to financially aquire a large enough HD even though I have the Xbox 360, and HD attachment, etc. but I will play the waiting game which is my recommendation because I assure you it will go down. The first year dvd players came out, they were a minimum of 250-350$ and on years end you could aquire one for a little over $100 (now there like $5). Give it time and HD will come down and they will release HD burnable discs and my fav. company for backups will be right along-side with firmware updates for it; for free (SLYSOFT ROCKS!!). Give it between 3-5years and DVD as we know it will not exsist, whereas Blu-ray will FAIL! Yes I said it. It is much larger in overall size, in-affective as most media (especially movies) will not hold or utilize this information (which is PS3's current situation). Blu-ray is a slighter better idea than UMD's of PSP but still remains a doomed product because HD is the mainstream, not Blu-ray. HD is a collective idea embraced by "a collective" whereas Blu-ray is a sole idea by Sony. Good idea Sony, but they sealed there own fate by making a product that others must conform to. Other companies will relase players, and eventually it will tank. The one thing to look for HD wise will be HD projectors as they are FASTLY becomming affordable to the masses. A $2000-3000 projector of yester-year is a $500 projector now. There smaller than bigscreens and boast enough lumens and resolution to be HD ready and display is perfect 64-72" screensize compariable to the best HD TV on the market today.... I love Slysoft, but I think CloneDVD is over-priced when its nearly identical to DVD Shrink which has been out forever and is free. I think they should offer CloneDVD for $15 or even free with AnyDVD as there are many similar products out there like ratDVD, Shrink, DVD +rb, etc. I don't knock them though because they honestly rock!! bought it for my entire family!!! Cheers!
  9. Ajax

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    You only need to post once munnman84
  10. assembel

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    munnman84> Get your facts right before posting something like that.

    "HD is a collective idea embraced by "a collective" whereas Blu-ray is a sole idea by Sony."
    Blu-ray is supported by Sony, Apple Inc., Dell and Panasonic.
    HD-DVD is supported by Toshiba, NEC Corporation, Microsoft and Intel.
    So you're a bit wrong there.

    "Blu-ray and HD isn't effective SCIENTIFICALLY unless you have a HD ready Tv WITH add-ons (meaning all extra necessary equipment) on a 36" large screen."
    I don't know what you mean by add ons. But of course you should not get a HD media player to watch on your 21" monitor. I don't know where you're from, but here in Denmark 42" HDready TVs are taking over the market. You can't buy a picture tube TV anymore, and the big flat screens are so cheap that everyone can affordt it. I'm a poor college student and i have a 42" HDready TV, so has several of my friends.
    And there REALLY is a difference in picture quality on such a screen. It's amazing. Once you see the difference, you'll take your comment back, and dream about HD-DVD or Blu-ray.

    You're right about the timeframe on HD-DVDs. I will take some time before homeburners for the media and the mediums are down in price. But I'll bet on 2-3 years max.
    I know the DVD burners where longer on the way, but the technology today is far more faster.

    "Its not like the human eye can tell that much of a difference"
    I can tell you never watched HD material on a 38"+ screen right? When you do, you'll have an other opinion. Thrust me. I was skeptical at first, but the difference is SO amazing.
  11. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    We are currently working AnyDVD HD, and it will be an awsome product!:D
    I have an early Alpha Version, and it decrypts any HD DVD disc I have tried. Even better, the first version will probably have a working "Remove annoying trailers..." function. Adios, FBI warning. And the 20 second Universal "HD-DVD is great" logo which you cannot skip is now gone for good. :D
  12. KoRn

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    WOW really quick.
  13. doughnut

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    I know this is very early to ask, but how about pricing - any chance that current AnyDVD users could get discount for this new product? ;)
  14. lwgreen

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    With the larger capacity, Blu Ray would seem to have an advantage. That's how VHS won out over Beta. Of course, they had some help from the porn industry. I understand a lot of porn makers are going with HD since Blu Ray is ignoring them. The question here is: Will AnyDVD HD work with HD and Blu Ray?
  15. 4x4le

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    thats my main consern too, not the porn thing, but rather if i can copy the 2 new formatts
  16. Ajax

    Ajax Well-Known Member

    So how dose this new version work dose it use a library file of title keys or dose it use brute force decryption methods?:eek:

    Oh by the way the both use aacs encryption... so it should do both HD and Blu-Ray...
  17. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Well, let me put it this way: nobody's gonna have to painfully search for title keys in the memory of some badly written player.

    The rest is just plain old simple magic, like we always done... 8)

    Lean back, wait, then see...

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  18. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Sure, there will be an upgrade path.
  19. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    As long as you don't want to record, it doesn't matter. Capacity of HD DVD discs is big enough for movie DVDs. For data storage Blu-ray has the advantage (capacity). For movie discs, I like HD DVDs (no region coding, less DRM).
    AnyDVD HD will only work with HD DVD. Blu-Ray support may be added at a later time.
  20. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    AnyDVD HD does not require you to search the title/volume Keys in a WinDVD memory dump, if that's what you're asking. :D

    Should, would, could... but it doesn't. Maybe later.