Hi, I signed up to spam the boards about linux

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by brokencrystal, May 22, 2007.

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  1. brokencrystal

    brokencrystal Member

    Terrible answer... I am just saying.

    XP is Windows. What if we choose to not run Windows? Then what?

    I suspect I will purchase AnyDVD when it is available for Linux.
  2. brokencrystal

    brokencrystal Member

    I would purchase...

    I would purchase the whole SlySoft suite if it were available for Linux.
  3. brokencrystal

    brokencrystal Member


    SlySoft could make a version for my OS! (Even Better)

    SlySoft could make a version for Linux/Mac/Windows using .net compiled with Mono, QT4, MonoDevelop, REALBasic, or Java. (All Cross Platform) This way they could keep their code, with very little maintenance... Why would I want to have a Windows PC in my house just for this purpose? I do not wish to pay Microsoft and I do not wish to pirate their software. I just want to buy SlySoft's Software Suite for Linux.
  4. brokencrystal

    brokencrystal Member

    Just package it as a .deb, .rpm, or .sh universal platform install script and it will run on all versions of Linux.

    Problem solved? Now get to it! My credit card is burning a hole in my pocket...
  5. brokencrystal

    brokencrystal Member

    Yea, that would be great. Let's all have a Winblows pc just for this... :disagree: Sorry... I will save my $$ for the cross-platform version. No Linux version... No $$. There is a reason I don't run Windows.
  6. brokencrystal

    brokencrystal Member


    If you use Linux read this. Never mind... They left out thousands of potential customers... :confused:
  7. brokencrystal

    brokencrystal Member


    That is terrible. Slysoft has no plans to take money from hundreds of thousands of potential customers? That's not good at all!

    Depending on what language they write it in... it could easily be cross platform using one code base using development tools like mono, monodevelop, realbasic, java, or qt4. (OSX, Windows, Linux)

    It could be packaged in a universal .sh install script for Linux. This way it would run on all versions of Linux.

    You could possibly sell it on cnr.com and have them package it for every version of Linux and do the selling for you, but you would not need to do this since you are already selling it from your site... I would buy the whole suite if it were available for my OS platform. (Linux)

    This doesn't make sense to exclude so many customers. If we are not running a Windows box now, what makes you think anyone will be willing to run a computer with Windows for just to run one software package? (Program) Some of us do not use Windows for a reason or two.

    I hope I can give you my money some time soon...

  8. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    You made your point multiple times, even in a thread that had absolutely nothing to do with Linux support. If you wanted to persuade Slysoft in a few threads, fine. If you want to do it all over the place, forget it. You're cluttering up the boards, and you posted in a thread that had absolutely nothing to do with Linux support.

    from http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?goto=newpost&t=4

    "Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short) non-sense posts, or the such.
    Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed."

    I think you need some time away to rethink your strategy about lobbying Slysoft for Linux support on these forums. If you want, create a new single thread about how wrong Slysoft is for not supporting Linux--and stay in it. You can come back in 5 days after you've cooled off a little bit. :policeman:

    Thread closed

    I don't work for Slysoft. I do not represent Slysoft. When people buy Slysoft software, none of the money goes to me. Therefore, you wouldn't be giving me your money.

    Keep in mind I never said I hate Linux--or that Slysoft shouldn't support Linux. And I have little to no sway over how Slysoft operates (my opinion wouldn't matter anyway).
    Last edited: May 22, 2007
  9. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    No. AnyDVD requires a kernel mode driver, which requires to be open source.
  10. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Hey, your opinion *does* matter! :D
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