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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by tmckin1211, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. tmckin1211

    tmckin1211 Well-Known Member

    I went to a well know video store to rent my wife some movies. While I was waiting to checkout the manager offered the guy infront of me a movie called Into the Wild. It sounded interesting so I got out of line and looked through the new releases. There was no movie called Into the Wild on the rack, nor a space for it. I got back in line and asked was Into the Wild a older movie and where would I find it. He looked around and asked if I renting or buying, I asked him what is the difference, he said he could sell it but they did not rent it. This made no sense to me at all, so I rented the movies I had and left.

    I got home and looked up on their website and I see it was available for rent this Tuesday. I called the main office and was told they would look into it. I was also informed that the employees get new releases to watch one prior to being released to the public. I called again and got the number for the District Manager, he asked meet him at the video store Saturday, which I did. He confronted the manager of the store, of course he denied it and the District Manager got mad at me. He instructed the store manager to delete my account.

    Is there any agency I can report this to? I know it waste of time but I would love to to burn both the managers. :mad:
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  2. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    I'm not really sure if you have any real recourse here. I mean you could seek legal action but I don't know what you would get and how much of a headache it would be.

    I know a few people from different stores that I frequent and normally they receive new DVDs anywhere from a number of weeks to 7 days prior to release. Sometimes they arrive the day of release. It depends on the release. Note: I never get anything early because I would never ask nor accept.

    I'm surprised the moron would so blatantly do what he did but not surprised he denied it and, of course, you looked bad. Why would you lie, though? Why waste your time and energy if this didn't really happen? Sometimes I wonder about stupid situations like this when the person who is right (you) gets turned into the bad guy.

    Lastly, in terms of reporting videos being released early it is my understanding that this is generally pointless. I'm aware of at least one rental store in my general area that consistently released DVDs early as a means of getting the jump on the competition. Some of the competition repeatedly reported this store for doing it. The correct people were contacted via the correct channels and in the end no one cared and nothing was done.

    In short... you got one heck of a lemon to suck on in this story. If I was in your situation I'd likely tell them off using some very harsh language and never return as well as contacting the Better Business Bureau and contacting my State Attorney General. None of these will really accomplish much but it would make me feel better to vent a bit. You can, however, try to approach the store diplomatically and ask to have your account re-activated or to create a new one. They make money off your business, afterall, and losing you as a customer is bad business.

    Edit: You also might try going above the District Manager if it's applicable with the particular store.
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  3. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Well said, DrinkLieAndDie.;)
  4. tmckin1211

    tmckin1211 Well-Known Member

    Happy Ending

    No I did not my membership back, I think I will let go for a bit. However; I was telling my Commanding Officer about what happen. He said that he could help me in a indirect way. I asked him what does Homeland Security have to do with video rentals. Nothing he said but there are other ways to skin a cat.

    He went to the same video store and asked if "Hitman" was out out yet. The stupid manager asked him the same questions he asked me. Well, he purchased the video and asked if they put Dvd in one of their covers, so they did. He walked outside called me for the District Manager number, which I gave him.

    He called the Distict Manager and told him that he was Captain ****** of the United States Coast Guard and he requested firmly that he meet at the Video Store. The District Manager showed up very nervous and meet my CO outside the store. My CO told him that he was just about to call a friend at the FBI if he hadn't shown up. My CO handed the District Manager the Dvd and told him that the manager just sold it to him. The District Manager stood there for a moment looking at stupidly and they went in to the store. The District Manager confronted the Store Manager about him selling illegal DvDs the Store Manager denied it, Dah! The District Manager then told the Store Manager he was fired, the Store Manager blows up and says you can't fire me you get 50% of every Dvd I sell. My CO tells them to get their Cooperate Office on the phone or he would make a call to the FBI and let them settle this. They get the main office on the phone my CO takes the phone and asked to speak to the President of the company, unfortunately he was not in but the Vice President was. My CO tell him who he was and what has happen. The Vice President asked to speak to the District Manager, they talk for a minute and the District Manager throws the phone at my CO and storms out of the store. The Vice President told him has just terminated the District Manager and the Store Manager. He also told my CO that they had reports that this was going on and appreciated him calling and hoped that there was no need to get the FBI involved.

    I am happy! :clap: Down side I owe one to my CO.
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  5. Pelvis Popcan

    Pelvis Popcan Well-Known Member

    Very very fishy story. If the store manager and the district manager were fired on the spot, who was left to oversee the operation of the store?
  6. bbell

    bbell Active Member

    Let me see if I have got this straight. You got two people fired for something that did not affect your health, your wallet or your quality of life or anyone else's quality of life. And you seem satisfied with the end result.

    Two people with possible familes to feed no longer have a job. Because of someone selling a dvd earlier than it's official sale date. Again this impacted your life negatively how???????????

    I tried to leave this one alone. But I have been in the retail service industry to long now, and I have seen stuff like this to much. After the fallout of such things we often sit around trying to discern the motives of people. We can all see standing up for your right to get what you payed for in a friendly timely manner. But to cause a problem over something that really did not or would not have involved you, if you did not insert yourself into the situation. A situation of a non quality of life issue. It often leaves us speechless.

    I hope you remember to call the FBI on yourself. Because if you are using SlySoft's product in the U.S.. No matter how much you may think you are justified in using it. You are breaking the law. At least that is what Hollywood thinks
  7. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Its a very sad story but it doesn't belong here.:policeman:
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