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Here's how to watch on Windows mobile:


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Apr 30, 2007
I've been struggling with this since I bought the CloneDVD product, I want to take my DVD and watch it on my Cingular 8525 with Windows Mobile 5 using Media Player. I've read some posts on here and some folks recomend downloading other players, etc., that's not for me. Anyway, I wanted to share a solution that works well for me without buying anything else:

1. Rip your DVD with AnyDVD to your hard drive.
2. Use CloneDVD Mobile and select the VOB passthrough (stitches the VOB files together as one big, 4 - 8 gig file ), this only takes a few minutes.
3. Download Windows Media Encoder from Microsoft's download site.
4. Change the file extension created in step 2 from .vob to .mpg
5. Start Media Encoder and select "convert file".
6. Follow the prompts and choose "Pocket PC" when it comes up.
7. Lastly, change the video preference to widescreen 320x240. Off it goes!
8. Copy the resulting file to your micro SD chip or whetever you use. The resulting "wmv" file may be anywhere from 300 megs to 1 gig depending on the original film length., but it looks great and plays like a champ!

I saw a couple of posts asking why CloneDVD Mobile doesn't have a "wmv" output selection, add me to the list wondering why, it would save a step in the above process! Hope this helps some of you trying to search for a workable solution for Windows Media Player on a PDA or smart phone.
Processing time for Windows Media Encoder

I tried the steps listed in your post and I didn't run into any snags. My only concern: The last step - running the conversion in Windows Media Encoder - was estimating to take five (5) days (!?). Is this normal ?

I was attempting to process a DVD of "The Producers" to watch on my HP iPAQ hx2795 (Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5.).

Is this the type of processing time you normally experience?


Laytonsville, MD
Why not just DL the Core Pocket Media Player TCPMP, the older versions are free and run fine on Windows Mobile. Then you can just encode to avi format using generic divx