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    I want to rip my dvds to my hard drive and stream to my smart tv. What is the best product for this and what are the steps for the best results. Thanks for your help!
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    Wrong section, moved. The clonebd section is reserved for clonebd (which only processes BLU-RAY discs, not dvd's) related issues. Moved to general chat.

    As to 'best' there's no such thing, best is relative. What I may find 'the best', you could find horrible to use.

    That said, you'd first need to start by checking your TV manual as to what file types are supported, which audio and video codecs, and move on from there.

    Though in general Clonedvd mobile (v1.2.01, 1.9 series is too buggy) and handbrake and vso software's 'dvd converter ultimate 4' are popular solutions.

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    You could look at Mymovies. I works with windows and has mobile functionality too.

    It used to work with windows media center, but Microsoft did away with that. An independent programmer produced a windows companion to Mymovies to replace WMC.

    It is called
    Chameleon MediaCenter. You can research this product at Basically CMC works with Powerdvd, MPC-HC, MPC-BE, DVDFab Player, VLC or Win10 Movies & TV to play your movies and other media that has been catalogued in Mymovies. It supports MP4, ISO for Blu-ray and DVD, VIDEO_TS folders for DVDs, and a number of other formats.

    It even has music playing capability like the old Windows Media Center.

    It also can be used to play 4k UHD media through PowerDVD, or other players that support 4k UHD.

    I love these two products and I use them daily. That is why I am recommending them. Paul the programmer listens to suggestions provided by individuals and tries his best to incorporate these new features in CMC,