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when i go to rip video dvd to hard disk it tells me that 'AnyDVD is not active for Drive E:!' What does that mean? I have gone through about 400 tutorials to find out but they all refer to older anydvd versions. Also tried to go into Drives/Selection in the settings but the text box is empty and shows no buttons or anything of the sort to activate drives. Please help!!!
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Start by right clicking on your desktop and creating a new folder on the desktop (it's easy to find there later). Name it anything that you will recognize, such as the name of the movie. Insert the movie you are going to back-up into your DVD burner. It may take a few seconds for it to load. If you get any automatic start-up programs that try to start the movie, just close them. Right click on AnyDVD and select "Rip to Hard Drive". You should get a window that is labeled "AnyDVD Ripper". If there is nothing in the source directory window(or even if there is) click once on the folder icon to the right of the source directory window which will open the "Browse for folder" window--you'll see a list that includes "Desktop" (which will end up being your destination in a minute), "My Documents", "My Computer", etc. Click on the + sign next to "My Computer" and you'll get a menu that has "Local Disk (C), and probably below that "DVD-RW Drive (and a letter in parentheses next to it, maybe D, Maybe E if you've got more than one DVD or CD drive) If you do have more than one, and if your not sure which one has the movie in it, click on the plus sign next to one of your DVD drives. If the disk is not in there, the plus sign will just vanish (not a problem--just means the drive is empty). When you click the plus sign next to your DVD burner, you will see 1 or 2 folders drop down under that drive. The one you want is Video_TS (If the Audio folder shows up there, don't worry and leave it alone--the audio you need is in the Video_TS folder) Click on the folder to highlight it, then click OK. When you click OK, that should take you back to the AnyDVD ripper window and you should see that the window for the source directory now has a drive letter and the Video_TS file (it will look something like D:\Video_TS or E:\Video TS. You're almost done! Now click once on the folder beside the Destination Directory window, which will bring up the same list as before, showing your C: drive, DVD drives, etc. This time, just scroll down the list and you will see a folder icon that is the name of the folder you already create on the desktop (If you called the folder "Movie", you will see that folder on that list). Click on that folder to highlight it, then click OK. His will bring you back to the AnyDVD Ripper window and you should now see that both the source window still has the pathway to your Video)TS and that now your Destination window has a really long pathway that probably ends in the folder name way off to the right side where you can't read it. Don't worry, it's there. Now just click Copy DVD. If the DVD has had trouble playing or backing it up in the past, put a check mark in the "Remove unreferenced and blank cells" box before you click Copy DVD. The program will copy the movie to the folder you created on your desktop. After it's done, you can check the movie by double clicking on the folder you copied it to and should see the file "Video_TS. Remember, AnyDVD does NOT burn the movie to a disk. To burn it to a disk, use the Video_TS folder, that is inside the folder you made on your desktop, as the source for the burn operation.
I know this is long, but it it sounded like a detailed explanation might help. If not, post again with more details.
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