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  1. desooper

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    I am using 1click dvd copy pro with anydvd,both up to date, when I start the burn process I get this message, WRITER, A 3RD PARTY SOFTWARE SUCH AS ANYDVD PREVENT THE DRIVE TO BE LOCKED, FOR SAFER BURNING OPERATION DISABLE THE SOFTWARE BEFORE STARTING THE BURN PROCESS. can some one tell me what this means and how do I correct it.

    Thank you for your help.
  2. shannon90210

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    warning Writer: A 3rd party software (such as AnyDVD) prevent the drive to be locked.
    For safer burning operation, disable this software before starting the burning process.

    This shouldn't cause any trouble at all
    I would simply disregard the message

    It simply means that the VSO Burn engine
    - has detected AnyDVD's Drive Access
    IMGBurn presents a similar message
    - as AnyDVD may interfere with IMGBurn's Disc Verification
    W 19:54:41 AnyDVD can interfere with ImgBurn's ability to verify accurately, please ensure it's disabled!

    Are you having any trouble Burning ??


    IF : you are using two Drives
    - One as a Reader , one as a Burner
    Open the AnyDVD Settings > Drives > Selection
    UN check the Drive that you are using as the Burner

    AnyDVD only needs to be enabled for your read Drive
    This really shouldn't make any difference

    ..... but it will avoid the 'warning' message/ line entry reported in your Log

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  3. desooper

    desooper New Member

    NO I am not having any trouble as it appears right now, but I have never seen that before and was wondering why I am now.
    Thank you.
  4. shannon90210

    shannon90210 Well-Known Member

    Ask VSO ...... ;)

    VSO added it in - the last time the Burn Engine was Updated ( tweaked )

    It's completely a VSO thing
    - not 1Click

  5. desooper

    desooper New Member

    Thank you for all your help.
  6. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I am not sure what 1cklick/VSO means with "locked", but AnyDVD does not (should not?) prevent other applications to gain exclusive access to the drive calling FSCTL_LOCK_VOLUME, or to lock the drive's tray (if that's what they mean).
    Sonic DLA or other packet writing solutions usually cause trouble with FSCTL_LOCK_VOLUME, but AnyDVD shouldn't.