Help with xbox hddvd drive and pc!

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by lip, May 20, 2007.

  1. lip

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    I have slysoft anydvd-hd installed and powerdvd.

    My problem is that I cannot play any hd-dvd movie with the xbox360 hddvd drive on my pc unless I set the resolution of the video card to 800x600 (worst setting).
    When I try to play it at any other resolution, I get the dredded "incompatible graphics driver" issue. When I play it at 800 resolution, it looks good but of course my desktop is completely crap.

    My system specs are:
    AMD X2 3800+
    2 gig memory
    7900 GT video card
    windows xp pro

    I have updated the video driver to the latest but it makes no difference.


    I am desparate to hook this up to my new samsung 61" tv (I am using a small viewsonic widescreen lcd for the time being).


  2. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    What version PDVDU are you using? Is it a 19" widescreen? Are you using the driver from your graphics card manufacturer or an NVidia one?
  3. lip

    lip Member

    Excuse my ignorance but what is PDVDU?
    I have since tried this on my new 61" DLP (LED) Samsung tv via VGA connection and I have the same problem. I am using an EVGA 7900 GT card but I have updated the graphics driver (Nvidia website, 7 series). I was not sure if I should choose 7 series but I saw no other driver for the 7900 GT.

    BTW-the error message states I should upgrade to forceware this the graphics driver?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. lip

    lip Member stupid!

    I have the latest...i think build 2911
  5. malefactor1

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    I'm also evaluating, on the cusp of buying, AnyDVD. However:

    I'm actually having a similar problem with a virtually identical configuration ( same cpu, same video card). "Incompatible graphics driver" from powerdvd.

    Using XP. I've tried both "release" and "recent beta 5-15-2007" forceware (93.71, 94.24). I even tried looking for PowerDVD patches; one of which I applied (but it was only UI) From PowerDVD: DVD Version 7.3.2605.0, UI: 2911

    What's going on here? I can make PowerDVD play the blu-ray streams, but not "start up the blu-ray disc" with menus etc. I can't make PowerDVD even play the HD-DVD streams.

    Sorry to involve AnyDVD in something that's clearly not it's fault, but it's unfortunately quite important. Are there other ways to play these streams / play these discs?
  6. lip

    lip Member

    I hope someone can help us both!

    It's strange as it states that my driver is the problem but it lists the latest nvidia driver and its the one they recommend when you use the powerdvd tool!



  7. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    Open AnyDVD HD and verify that it is enabled for HD DVD and Blu-ray. If it isn't then PowerDVD Ultra might be lowering the resolution because it doesn't see an HDCP monitor. Also, try multiple movies because some titles currently don't work with Power DVD Ultra.
  8. malefactor1

    malefactor1 Member

    Checked this out. It's enabled. I've tried it with many blu-ray movies including many that I play by just drag-and-dropping the stream into powerdvd. I'm pretty strongly convinced that powerdvd is complaining, but without more detailed error info, I have no way of knowing what the culprit is.
  9. lip

    lip Member

    I tried to trick powerdvd. It works when I put the resolution to the worst possible on my system (800x600) so what I did was start the movie in that resolution and then switch to higher resolutions...basically what happened is that if I minimized powerdvd, it would play the sound but when I opened it up, it would stutter and no video would show...

    Do you think my vid card is underpowered or my cpu?


  10. lip

    lip Member


    Powerdvd is definitely stopping my video card from working with HDDVD titles...I went back to version 6.5 and it works fine.

    Anyone else with my computer specs and similar problems should try this as I am sure it will resolve the problem.


  11. malefactor1

    malefactor1 Member

    I don't consider that "solved". You've had to downgrade to an older, buggy version that doesn't handle blu-ray at all. When I try 6.5, I get an 800x600 (or so) window inside of the normal, full size window, both trying to play the movie (and both doing badly, although functioning).

    AnyDVD-HD removes (bypasses) the AACS, so why is PowerDVD still enforcing the HDCP chain?

    How can we go about diagnosing/fixing this? I'm about to try some fresh, virgin xp installs with ghost. I'll work with ya'll, but my clock is running out (10 days or so left in AnyDVD trial, and I'm not buying it if I can't get this working)...

    Please help...
  12. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    Before you give up, try a different Cyberlink certified video card!

    Before you install it, using the latest drivers, uninstall PowerDVD Ultra using the following procedures on an as needed basis:

    1. Uninstall the oldest PowerDVD Ultra build.

    2. Delete the following folder :

    C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{6811xxx-xxx}

    Please note that this directory is a hidden directory. So, first select 'Show hidden files and folder' option from 'Folder option' and then delete that folder.

    For that follow the steps :-

    Open 'Control Panel' --> open 'Folder Options' --> click 'View' tab --> select 'Show hidden files and folder' --> click 'OK'.

    Now delete the following folder :

    C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{6811xxx-xxx}

    Also delete the file 'IsProBE.tlb' from folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Professional\RunTime\

    After this, I recommend installing the full PowerDVD 7.3 version, so gratiously provided by bingobill, at the following link:

    I've used these procedures myself on ATI Radeon 1950 series cards and everything works very well.
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  13. lip

    lip Member

    Does this "fix" work for non-hdcp cards? I am certainly not going to waste money buying another video card just because Powerdvd makers are complete asses! I'll go the windvd route (not sure that would work either though).

    I agree the old version I am using is completely buggy but at least most movies work fine.
  14. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    Buy a video card where you can return it if it doesn't work. To be sure, I would stick with an HDCP video card. AnyDVD HD removes the need for an HDCP monitor or TV.
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  15. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    This is simply a question of whether you want to watch HD content or not.
    PowerDVD currently is the only alternative. Believe me, I have PowerDVD, WinDVD, and Nero Showtime here and I wouldn't use the latter two for anything but for testing.

    Nero is on it's way, but quality is not really good yet. And it does not support Blu-Ray.
    WinDVD - even though the first HD software player on the market, so you should expect it to be well out of its beta phase - is pure pain. It's still only available as OEM version and comes with select PCs/notebooks. Many discs it simply doesn't play (without telling you why).
    It will not work with unencrypted content (so it neither works with AnyDVD HD active).
    Also: if you have a problem with Intervideo products: there is no support whatsoever, I have never heard of anyone actually getting a support question answered.

    So you simply don't have a choice. Buy a compliant video card (I know this is hard to take, knowing that it's only because of some sloppyness at CyberLink) or stick to good old low-res DVD until either you buy a new graphics card anyway for some reason or Cyberlink fixes that issue.
    But don't be surprised, if CyberLink doesn't even waste a single thought about it.
  16. colinhunt

    colinhunt Well-Known Member

    I have to second this - stay away from WinDVD. I purchased it from Intervideo's Japanese webstore, when it was supposedly the only option for BD/HD playback.

    Back then, you couldn't buy a BD/HD enabled WinDVD from anywhere else. It was very expensive and dealing with the Japanese website and their Japanese registration & product activation e-mails was a pain.

    And nowhere on their site or in the documentation did they reveal that WinDVD downscales all AACS-protected content to 960x540, no matter what. It was a total rip-off. I have yet to get any real-word return for my money, as Intervideo has released zero updates for that particular version of WinDVD.
  17. malefactor1

    malefactor1 Member

    Did this. Get a cryptic error message during install. I think while your procedure is good, it isn't completely removing all pieces (then again, my uninstall was broken and I had to remove it manually).

    The virgin XP install actually completed, but it wouldn't play. But it is a very old video card (matrox g450) on an older (athlon xp 2200) machine. Still, I'd have expected it to work badly rather than not at all.
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  18. malefactor1

    malefactor1 Member

    For completeness sake, I found a way to install it. However, nothing changed--same graphics card driver complaints when trying to play unencrypted content.. Found this in another thread:


    I just found the solution. I found this at the cyberlink forum. It now installs fine. I could not do step 3 but it still worked.

    "It's hard to install this patch.
    You can check linkage.
    Or you can do below steps that support told me how to handle it.

    1. Uninstall PDVD Ultra
    2. Install Microsoft cleanup too and execute from "Start\all programs\WindowsInstaller Cleanup" To check if PDVD is on product list, If you can see PDVD in product list. Select PDVD and click "Remove" button to clean up PDVD.
    Tool download link:
    3. Del the PDVD InstallShield folder. C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{6811xxx-xxx}
    4. Reboot PC.
    5. Install PDVD Ultra 7.3 then apply 2911 patch."
  19. Galileo2000

    Galileo2000 Well-Known Member

    @malefactor1: which version of the nvidia driver are you using?

    I spent a hell of a time trying to make PDVD 7.3 work on my "main" HTPC P5B Deluxe WiFi, Gigabyte 7600GT and 9792 drivers.

    I install it just fine, except I get blank screen on the playback. Or it does reboot my PC. Yes, baby, it DOES reboot my PC.

    6.5 HD OEM works fine on this system.

    7.3 works fine on my Abit F-I90HD-based HTPC with Radeon 1250 onboard.

    Go figure.
  20. malefactor1

    malefactor1 Member

    It's an ECS P.O.S. motherboard + an Athlon 64 3800 x2 , an eVGA 7900GT, and I've tried both the latest "release" and "beta" forceware drivers.

    For reference I've also tried this on my main HTPC, which is an athlon 64 3700, some abit board (i forget), an nvidia 6XXXgt, and no attempt to update drivers. Assuming this HTPC is going to be underpowered anyway but perhaps it is worth pursuing.

    Farthest I've gotten with HDDVD is that by demuxing the EVO with "EVOdemux", I can use cyberlink to play the .mpv (no sound) video stream. I can live without the menus but I really would like sound :)

    Just a guess: the notes that come with the latest forceware drivers seem to suggest that "purevideo HD" (aka hdcp support) won't be supported under XP--only vista. I've got a copy of vista here but I've been trying reallll hard not to install it, because I honestly don't want to take a performance hit nor break something that already works for no good reason. I hear of spontaneous rebooting in dscaler in vista.
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