help with crash


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Feb 17, 2007
i use to have cce region free and it worked. i purchased any dvd because it was a better program. I like nero better than clone

When i try to run nero recode7.7.5.1 with any dvd6.1.2.3 on my comp. with or without a protected dvd it crashes everytime. i cant restart. close the program. i have to push the power button on the front of my comp.
i have burned over100 movies with no problem with cce region free.
please help
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Does the PC work properly without AnyDVD installed? Do you have the latest version ( of AnyDVD? Have you made any hardware changes or any other software changes?
Everything worked fine before any dvd. its like any dvd and nero are just not compatible. when i click on import dvd files in recode it shows the hour glass like the comp. is working, and it never goes away. when you try to close recode it says program is not responding. and when i try to restart the comp. nothing happens. i click on it and nothing. no hardware or software changes. i uninstalled cce region free and bought any dvd. i upgraded today. but it didnt work wiht the other version either. i have any dvd and nero this is so frustrating. Thank you so much for helping