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Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by MathXTC, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. MathXTC

    MathXTC Member

    The Profiles I have made for BF2 when activated still request the original DVD to be inserted. I have been playing BF2, 2 hours at a time while Game Jackel creates the profile. Please help.

    1. Game Jackal Release v2.9.18.565
    2. Battlefield 2
    3. BF2 patched up to version 1.41
    4. DVD
    5. Australia
    6. Safedisc 4.50.000 detected
    protection level: Safedisc API
    Possible CD/DVD-Key or Serial Check -> cdkey
    7. Winx XP SP2
    8. Intel Core 2 CPU @ 2.4GHZ
    9. Please insert correct DVD then restart application
    10. Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-111D SCSI CDROM Device
  2. Yard Waste

    Yard Waste Well-Known Member

    Wierd because the original GJ handled BF2 without any problem many years ago.
    I am still using the original GJ even though I have got the update. On the side I am not installing the new version version until they have the wrinkles ironed out after a few more updates.

    Anyway, are you trying to create a profile from the BF2 launcher?

    Try this way, go to BF directory and create a shortcut using the BF2.exe.
    Use that to create your profile.

    Good luck.
  3. MathXTC

    MathXTC Member

    Thanks for your help but I have been trying to make a profile with BF2.exe. Just can't get it to work. When I run profile I still get the insert original DVD message.

    Has anyone else had any success with BF2 and latest version of Game Jackal?
  4. matthew

    matthew SlySoft Team Member

    Have you been able to profile any other games?
    Also, what version of BF2142 are you running?
  5. mad_fr34k

    mad_fr34k Well-Known Member

    Have you run the game WITH the cd in for an hour or so like it suggests?
  6. MathXTC

    MathXTC Member

    Yes I have been runnning the game with the original DVD in for two hours at a time and I have done this on four separate occasions to make 4 different profiles. No Luck unfortunately.
  7. MathXTC

    MathXTC Member

    I have managed to make profiles with Starwars Empire at War and SW Forces of Corruption. I am running BF2 patched to version 1.41. NOT BF2142.
  8. MathXTC

    MathXTC Member

    BF2 now working

    I made a new BF2 profile but this time I ticked the "Make Image" box and it appears to be working fine.