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    :confused:Does anyone know of a way to back up a movie w/clone dvd-Including, no-menus, but main movie and all of the extras & previews. The catch, well you know how you can choose which title is played on insertion, well, how can you choose exactly in what order the rest of the titles are going to play. So you choose to play the main movie first & the rest after, but in what order is the rest going to play?? How does a person make clone dvd decode & burn so that the rest of the titles are played on the order that I want them to?? Or does it already & I am not seeing it, or is there a default??:confused::confused:
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    You can't. You can select what plays first only, as far as I can tell.
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    That sucks, do you know of a program that does & is as good as clone dvd
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    You can try asking in the Third Party Products forum.