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    Hello, I need help with AnyDVD as I am trying to mak a backup copy of Liar Liar and I get this message PS 18 and I don't know what this means. The version I am currently running is
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    "PS18 = PESScramblingControlUnsupported

    This means, that CloneDVD detected a CSS encrypted sector on an unencrypted disc. This happens, if AnyDVD is exited during copy / transcoding, shuts down because it was cracked or if the user changed AnyDVD's settings while using CloneDVD.

    It should never happen during normal operation as CloneDVD will not start to copy an encrypted disc."


    Given that Anydvd ripper now uses Clonedvd code, I suppose Anydvd ripper could also give that error message.

    Are you using a crack? Cracks are known to cause this error message.
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