Help with AnyDVD HD copying to BD-R Disk

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Jeff11, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. Jeff11

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    I thought that I was an expert with AnyDVD until I purchased the new LG GGW-H20L and upgraded my AnyDVD to AnyDVD HD.
    I can get AnyDVD HD to rip my movies (Blu-ray) to my hard drive but I have two problems.
    First, when I look on my original Blu-ray movie there are 2 files (.m2ts) in the "Stream" folder totalling just under 25Gb. But after ripping with AnyDVD HD, I look at my hard drive, I now have 39 files (.m2ts) totalling more than 29Gb. Do I need a 50Gb blank BD-R or will a 25Gb BD-R work?
    Second, I use Roxio 10 Deluxe as my burning software but when I burn a few of these files to my LG drive, I get a 4x3 image that is almost unviewable.
    What am I doing wrong? Is there a tutorial in this forum that would take me through the process (not installing it or ripping with it but rather duplicating with AnyDVD)? Should I buy another DVD burning software?
    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Nitro_xxx

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    Just use Imgburn and create an iso. Then use Imgburn to burn the BD-r. I check the movies with Daemon Tools before burning. The one thing with Imgburn, you must have the correct Root directory. Oh, the cost for a 50 Gb BD-R is rather high.

  3. GaPony

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    AnyDVD just does the decrypting and ripping... I'd like to know if ImgBurn can keep the movie its original size, even after AnyDVD has does its thing.

    Just an observation, but its a bit difficult to successfully copy 29gb of anything onto a 25gb disc.

    It would be worth getting one 50gb rewritable...
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  4. Jeff11

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    I downloaded Imgburn and tried to have it work with my .m2ts files (ripped with AnyDVD) and it said this was an invalid file format for Imgburn. Have you been successful in working with .m2ts files?
  5. hotdog453

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    You guys need to focus on the tools you're using, and what those tools are supposed to do.

    No. ImgBurn, like its clever name implies, is for burning images. You make an image of the BR files with ImgBurn (the IMG part of the name) then you Burn it with the BURN part of the name. ImgBurn doesn't care, nor does it know, what kind of source material you're working with.

    If you want to try to remove certain m2t files from the image and burn them, to see if it works, go ahead and try. Nothing to lose, except a disc, lolololz.

    You tried to have it work with the files? What did you have it try to do? It's a an IMG(Image)BURN(BURNING) tool, not a video encoding tool.
  6. clareman

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    this has been discussed ad nauseum (no offense to you) in other threads. Just find tsremux (free) and remux, remove the tracks you don't want, make sure you check bluray disk and then burn. usually 29-30GB streams have at least 5GB of foreign language tracks in them. The ones that are tough are the HD DTS track in english and the rest becomes a tight squeeze, in that case you can use tsremux to split or just get a 50 RE. Better hurry, methinks this will be soon disabled in the ps3 (I believe the new licensing will be enforced 2/08..I could be wrong)
    for burning I just drag and drop in nero and make sure you set the udf iso to 2.5. It's pretty much flawless.