Help please - WH16NS40 not writing Bluray

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    Hi There, Thanks for reading..

    My drive not burning Bluray media but does read bd, cd, DVDs and write cd DVDs. Any help/suggestion appreciated.

    Looking for an original WH16NS40 NS50 or compatible fw that can work with my model of drive... the sticker that appears on my drive is attached.


    I have been using this drive for data backup for the last 6 years (not heavy users hardly 2 discs burned a month)... It shown a power caliberation error when tried to burn BD and I tried to update its firmware using LG flasher by downloading the exe file from the LG support site. During the process, my system got hanged and I had to reset.

    After upgrade fw on drive shown 1.05version and its not reading/writing any disks i.e., not shown as a drive on windows explorer though its recognised at bios and os level in device manager.

    I tried flashing different versions using sdftool, downgrade enabled flashers etc etc but in no vain.

    I found this thread on this forum and read all pages
    "Dumping & Downgrading firmware on UHD Friendly Devices. (OUTDATED)".

    All along i was using the sdfflasher or firmware but took dump of my drive firmware whenever i was using dosflash 2.0. So my calibration and Drive Signature data i do have.

    I found one test BH16NS40 fw uploaded by Teddyranspin on the above thread and flashed it direct to my drive. Instead of keeping itself dumb, the led started glowing but not reading any disk (its due to calibration data mismatch probably). My drive through its WH16NS40 now shown as BH16NS40.

    I updated my drive's calibration and signature data, reflashed the fw and it started performing. I could read CD, DVD, DVD+RW, BD data disk but can only write CD, DVD, DVD +RW. its not burning Bluray media. Nero showing write error, not sure its a media issue or something to do with FW

    This is where i need help from someone to provide a working original WH16NS40 NS50 fw dump to try reflash with my drive calibration data to revive it fully.

    Thanks for reading.

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