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Help on removing AnyDVD from Computer


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Feb 1, 2007
Hi. I have read the various threads on this topic and have attempted the following ways to remove AnyDVD BUT nothing has worked. I have tried the Uninstall button in the software, the Add/Remove option and the Regedit. The only thing I was unable to do was to delete the key in the control class because it would not let me. I think the software is conflicting with ZoneAlarm causing the computer to freeze and/slowdown. Help please.
I am running Zone and have had no such problems.

I would suggest you reinstall AnyDVD over itself, reboot and see what happens. Sometimes an installation goes haywire for all kinds of reasons.

I have found that the only way to uninstall some programs when you're having a problem is to restart your computer, go to Safe Mode, then uninstall from the Add/Remove Programs from Control Panel. This is especially true of Zone Alarm.
Tried the safe mode route but this program continues to live on my PC.
nice tool there thats the first i have heard of that one