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    Hi, I just got a new Ipod 80g for my birthday. I have been making backup copys too my PSP. Now I have this new Ipod i would like too do the same. I have done two movie but cant find them on my ipod. if i check the files on the ipod they are there. What am I doing wrong when I copy movies too my ipod? I'm I suppose too use Itunes also.... HELP.
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    Following the instructions

    For the backup you have to use CloneDVDMobil. But then when you want to copy the mp4 File to the IPod you have to use Itunes.
    With ITunes you can copy the file into the Bibliothek, and after this you have to sychronize the Bibliothek with your IPod.
    But remember with Itunes it is like a OneWayStreet. You can copy files to the IPod but not back to the harddisc. For this you need other tools.--Freeware--.:)
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    you can copy back from ipod to hard disc if you set your ipod as removable hard drive-if it hasn't been set as that automatically.the only problem is there a loads of folders each having your various music...etc inside them-but all the files have numerical values instead of can drag'n'drop these back onto the hard drive and double click to find out which each file is-but you would hardly wanna do this for hundreds if not thousands of files.
    any links to good tools??