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    I bought Penumbra, which I wouldn't have if I'd known it had Securom on it. Anyway, I'm getting the "emulation software detected" error and went to the securom support page where they say to disable your any dvd and clone dvd2. Why the hell should I have to do that and how is it done? I am so sick of this securom ********. Started with the sims and still it's around. Sorry for my language but I am truly enraged about this. Is there anyway around this? I'd kind of like to play a game I've bought and can't return. But they're putting it all off on the Slysoft applications. :bang:
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    While I understand you being annoyed this is a public forum and such language is not allowed. This forum is read by people of all ages.

    CloneDVD and CloneDVD mobile will cause no issues with SecuROM. Virtual CloneDrive has been known to trigger the problem you are describing and it's ridiculous since VCD doesn't have any emulation abilities and does nothing to overcome game protections. SecuROM is wrongly labeling Virtual CloneDrive as bad. If you have Virtual CloneDrive installed then open the options and set the number of drives to Disabled and then click OK and try again. AnyDVD has never caused a problem for me playing a SecuROM game and AnyDVD will do nothing to overcome game protections.
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    Provide the link for this, please.