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    When I check the size of the movie BD disc by loading up the Blu ray movie and selecting all folders it most definitley is over 50gb.. Some are 65gb some are 74gb ...

    Which means I need 100Gb blanks and these monsters are like $30 PER DISC WTF!

    Can someone tell me is it really that hard to clone a 3d blu ray movie? I do not want to loose ANY quality! I dont mind getting rid of the special features and languages other than english etc.. But this seems so difficult and annoying when all I want to do is clone a disc?

    Can someone shed some light on this please, I am new to this community I just bought The latest 75inch SamsungSmart 3D LED LCD 200Hrtz Screen which looks amazing whilst watching a movie its actually much better than the cinema problem is I am now addicted to it so soon after this I bought a Blu ray burner which supports XL discs and what ever else is needed.

    Can someone please give me the intro and what ever else I need to add to my 3D blu ray burning tools and if what I want is possible and not so expensive I mean it literally is so expensive for the blank 100gb that I may aswell go out and buy a 2nd copy of the blu ray instead of burning it.
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    if you ended up with a size of over 45.5GB then you ripped the wrong way, to folders. You can't do that. The only way to backup a 3D disc and retain the burning possibility is to rip the disc to an ISO. If your rip to folders, the SSIF folder gets ripped aswell, that causes the issue. On a retail disc, that folder is "virtual" as it contains nothing but references to content in the main bdmv\stream folder. However if you rip to folder that ssif folder gets ripped aswell

    i hate to say it but if you ripped your 3D discs you'll have to delete them from your hdd and rip EACH disc ALL OVER AGAIN, into ISO format. And before you ask, no you can't turn folder rips into an iso and then burn them that way. That iso will still have the oversized size. Then just fire up IMGBurn and burn that iso back to a disc. That is the only way
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    Thanks for your reply bro, no I don't do things without knowing first that's the good thing.

    I was confused because when I opened the disc and viewed the folders inside they total over 50gb, what I was asking is because of this if I were to clone the disc and keep the same quality why would it shrink? If the real size is <50GB then why arn't the retail discs smaller in the first place, isn't that saving them $$ instead of putting them on 100gb discs?

    I am confused..not in the sense of what you said about creating an ISO then burn the ISO back to the disc. But.. Lets just say I created the ISO from the 3D Movie disc which is in total 75gb which is what I see when I go to properties.. Why would it go smaller and still keep the same quality? Are you saying that the 75gb is a fake number? and its not really 75gb? How can I actually tell how large the complete 3d blu ray Movie is?
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    you are search in google with TDK Blu-ray Disc - BD-R XL 100GB 4X Speed 1 Pack Printable
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    @Anlyslis. There's no need for that. Not only is TDk a crappy brand but that doesn't change the fact that he ripped the wrong way. Please don't recommend a user to go buy BDXL discs, if you don't know what you are talking about.

    That's because as i said the files in the SSIF folder (present on a 3D disc) are VIRTUAL/FICTIONAL. The file(s) in the SSIF folder technically don't exist as i already stated, the are only references to the original files in the STREAM directory. Those references combined with the original files and the blu-ray structure make it a 3D movie

    It's the other way arround, if you rip a 3D disc to folder, the disc size GROWS because the previous virtual files now actually get ripped. Resulting in REAL (but unplayable) files that in turn increase the original disc size above 50GB.

    No, because as i said, those files don't become real untill you rip to folders. Double layer blank can hold that just fine because again, those files are virtual untill you actually rip them to folders.

    That's not what i said, i said if you create an iso out of the 75GB folder then that iso will also be 75GB. Once the 3D disc hs been ripped to folders, the "damage" is done and you can't go back.

    Yes and no. It's a fake number, again untill you rip to folders. That's just how it is, it's how 3D discs are made. They're a little different from non-3D double layer discs.

    Easy, look at the disc size that windows explorer tells you (should be over 23.5GB and under or equal to 45.5GB. The maximum a double layer disc can hold). Don't select all the folders and then check "properties" to see the size, that's abit like ripping to folders. Windows explorer sees those references, and adds them to the real total disc size.

    There is only 1 way to correctly backup a 3D disc and that is to RIP to ISO and then burn that ISO back to a disc. If you rip to ISO, you make an identical ISO version of the original disc. Since it's a disc IMAGE you image the referenced (virtual) files aswell and the ISO size matches the real disc size. The same is when you burn that iso back to disc. You then simply burn "data" as if it was a normal disc.

    If you rip to folders, then you have multiple issues.

    1) well the disc is too large to burn even on a double layer blank
    2) once ripped to folders, you can't go back. The files are no longer virtual but real
    3) even if you manage to burn it on a BDXL disc, there's no guarantee that a) the disc will even play and b) even if it play's you'd have the 3D effect.

    Kind of technical but that's how it is.