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Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by MzMonie007, Feb 17, 2007.

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    I understand that I can make copies of protected data CDs however, my question is... can the copy that I make NOT have the same protection? I'm trying to copy image files from a protected CD on to my hard drive so that I can then crop them.

    Can this be done, if so HELP ME!!!

  2. mmdavis

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    Copy to HD

    Try using the Read to Image File in CloneCD.
  3. mmdavis

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    Help File

    Here is the third step in the Help file for CloneCD Read to Image:
    Third Window

    Here you can define where CloneCD should save the to-be-created Image File. Click on "Browse..." to select an existing folder or create a new one. CloneCD will memorize the folder until the next time you want create an image.

    Hint: If you're using CloneCD for the first time, create a folder on your local drive, for example "CD Images". Assign useful names to your Image Files, so that you'll be able to tell the difference at a later point in time. Do not keep too many Image-Files, the space on your local drive is limited.

    You have the option to select the checkbox "Create Cue-Sheet": If this checkbox is enabled, a so-called "Cue-Sheet" will be created for you. This file can be used with other applications to process the Image File created by CloneCD. Creating a "Cue-Sheet" is not possible if the Source CD contains more than one session!

    Click on "OK". The reading process begins.
  4. Webslinger

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    Not for data cds :disagree:

    Clonecd makes 1:1 backups and retains the protection on the backup. It doesn't remove the protection.
  5. MzMonie007

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    Any ideas as to how I CAN do what I'm trying to do?
  6. Webslinger

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    I don't understand what you mean by "cropping". You said data cd. But I usually use "cropping" to refer to video or movies--not data.
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    Ok, So I got some pictures from a photographer on a CD however, he protected the CD. I want to be able to manipulate the pictures but can't since the images are protected. Is there a way that I can extract the images and then save them to my hard drive so that I can edit them?
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    I have no idea how to go about doing that, but the answer will not be found with any Slysoft product.
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    Aww man! Thanks for trying