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Help for a novice movie maker


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Jan 28, 2007
Im trying to make a highlight reel of my son playing basketball. I have a dvr that I managed to record from camcorder to dvd. Problem is,every highlight was recorded as a new chapter so there is a long pause between highlights while playing disk on a dvd player. Is there a fix for this ? Also when I get ready to add still photos and music to the disk what program or what steps do you recommed ? I would really like for this to be as professional looking as possible. Thanks very much.
I think you would find that Adobe's Premier Elements would do eveything that you are trying to do. You can make very nice DVDs from your videos or bring in your stills. You could find a lot more information on this on another forum since this one is not set up for video editing. That is a whole differant subject, but you can certainly have a lot of fun with it. Good luck.:)
AnyDVD has a delete chapters/don't do chapters option on initial transfer. I always check that block for my projects. Movie maker may also?
Nero Ultra 7 is a must have! Will let you author your own DVD's with full function menu's. You can add menu music, text and so much more.
Gotta get it.
OK. That is the second function I need from Ultra. Time to buy the full version I guess.