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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by monkeyboy, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. monkeyboy

    monkeyboy New Member

    have both anydvd and clone dvd mobile-used clone dvd formet generic(dirX) (avi) and copied video to computer no problem however will not play on any player have winDvd and windows media player. i get sound and visualization (sound waves) in place of picture please help:(
  2. Supertwin Tim

    Supertwin Tim Member

    Monkeyboy, did you have any luck? I am having exactly the same problem, audio but no video, have tried multiple players and pc's??? Can anyone help?
  3. Supertwin Tim

    Supertwin Tim Member

    I just grabbed another laptop and loaded Any DVD and Clone DVD Mobile on it and exactly the same thing happened.I even tried loading older versions of Clone DVD on with the same result................... whats going on? Audio but no video?????
  4. Matt

    Matt Well-Known Member

    do you have the divx codec on your PC?
  5. Supertwin Tim

    Supertwin Tim Member

    Matt, I have not loaded the divx codec, I assume I have to, how do I do it? Thanks Tim
  6. Supertwin Tim

    Supertwin Tim Member

    Matt, I am just loading up divx now, I will let you know how I go, thanks Tim
  7. Matt

    Matt Well-Known Member

    good luck :)
  8. Supertwin Tim

    Supertwin Tim Member

    Matt, as with all computer software issues two steps forward one step back :(

    I loaded divx and the .avi files that I had ripped could now be viewed on Media Player and WinAmp.

    The problem was I had one step to go, I syill needed to convert the .avi file to a .wma file to play on my PDA.

    I read Dudeman44's advice (another thread) and Downloaded Windows Media Encoder from Microsoft's download site, unfortunately it looked like it would convert to.wma but then had an error at the end.

    I then downloaded another .avi - .wma converter and it converted to .wma problem was the .wma created froze media player and winamp,

    Sooooooo now I am on the hunt for a good .avi to .wma converter, it would be great if Slysoft just made ConeDVD output to .wma :)

    I will start another thread and ask if anyone has used a converter that works reliably, that or find a generic player that works on windows mobile 5 ??

    Thanks Tim
  9. nightwolff70

    nightwolff70 New Member

    about that problem

    I had that same problem but there is away around that you open your windows media 11 and make sure that you have your layout options checked to show classic view. then go to view and down to plugins then click on find on the web then once youve done that it will open up a web page for plugins click on other plugins then click on and select xvid codec and install that will give you the codec you need to play the avi file amongest others. it is a free program and there are others to check out at the same time. give that a try and see how that goes.