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Help. Blue-ray copies for TV

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by wesley06, May 11, 2007.

  1. wesley06

    wesley06 New Member

    I am thinking about buying a PS3, as I love the HD. Of course it uses Blue-Ray. I see that Sly soft does have a new program for copies. I am not to savvy on computer talk. I use the Clone DVD now, and its great. But If I buy the the new ANY HD DVD, can I make copies of the Blue-Ray to DVD to play on my TV set. I am not interested in watching movies on my computer, just my TV. I just have a regular PC that is two years old. I don't ming if the Blue Ray copy is in HD or not. I prefer, but if I make a backup of my own Blue-ray. Will it play inthe PS3 or tv dvd player.?
    Sorry, if its a stupid question.
  2. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    First of all, don't ever apologize for asking questions!

    Others have gotten this to work, but you'll need a Blu-ray burner in your computer to do what you want to do. They're still expensive and the recording media is still expensive as well. Blu-ray discs will only work in a Blu-ray player, such as the PS3, not a regular DVD player. Also, you need to play them on an HDTV to see an improvement over regular DVDs.

    Slysoft products are the greatest, but don't buy AnyDVD HD until you have either a HD DVD drive or a Blu-ray Drive that you can connect to your computer.
  3. 3r1c

    3r1c Well-Known Member

    Also if your doing this use sony BD-R(E) discs, they play on ps3, TDK discs not working.
  4. Moose1974

    Moose1974 Member

    I'm also interested in backing up Blu-ray disks to BD-R to watch in my PS3 & HDTV. I have AnyDVD HD and CloneDVD. Once I rip the files to the hard drive, what program do I use to burn the files to BD-R?
  5. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    I haven't done it myself but I think Nero 7 Ultra will work.

    Don't buy their HD DVD/Blu-ray plugin, unless you have to, because I've tried it myself and it's not worthy of your hard earned money.
  6. Moose1974

    Moose1974 Member

    I did some more research and I found that Imgburn supports Blu-ray and it's freeware. Has anyone tried it?
  7. linx05

    linx05 Well-Known Member

    ImgBurn is a fantastic program. :bowdown: You cannot get any better IMHO.