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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by biggroomer, Feb 5, 2007.

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    Some way, some how, I managed to copy a movie! That's the good for the bad news...It took me about three hours to do it and I don't know how I did it! :D It would sure be nice if someone could write down step by step instructions that I could print out and paste to my monitor. I have both AnyDVD, cloneDVD, DVD Shrink and two Liteon 18X DVD writers, using WindowsXP. Any and all help would really be appreciated by this old-timer.
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    Before you go further:

    - How much RAM does your system have and how much of it is free.

    - How much free hard disk space do you have, 16 gigs or more is best for easily copying.

    - Are you using good quality media, some media is just not worth purchasing.

    - How fast is your processor or system.

    - Are you using up your system resources doing something else while copying.
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    Hey Now Yea Old Phart

    Listen if you have DVD Shrink and The newest version of Any DVD You can do the utmost inpossible with any DVD. DVD Shrink 3.2 is truly the easiest way to copy your collection of DVD'S......... Any DVD IS gods way of telling you that you can do anything in life.. Any DVD RUNS IN THE BACK GROUND.......... I mean you don't have to do nothing. Just put your DVD in your burner with DVD Shrink running-do the anaylases of the DVD and hit reauthor- right click main movie- left click and right click add. THEN HIT BACK-UP-WILL SHOW A DESTIONATION FOLDER. Place in my documents will prob. need to hit browse first.. Then hit back-up on DVD Shrink-BOOM YOU ARE NOW COPING THE DISK............. When it's done put in the blank disk after the org. ejects and you are home free........... Best of luck Twister
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    One of CloneDVD's biggest features is it's ease of use.
    You cannot move to the next page untill you have taken the correct steps.

    @biggroomer Stick with CloneDVD, it's very user friendly for beginners. The help file is available from any page, and right clicking on features within the program brings up an information box.
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    Guides for using the programs you mentioned

    If you go to a web site, on the forums tab-go down
    to guides submitted by users-you will find some real user friendly guides
    with lots of pictures. These guides help even the newest of beginners.
    They were written by some real experts. I know you will have a lot of
    fun once you get the hang of it. I use AnyDVD, Shrink and Imgburn and
    have had really good luck with them. AnyDVD is the best product around.
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    Good Tuitorial...

    Review's very easy to follow:
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    Plus shrink hasn't been updated in a couple of years, and there are going to be more movies it won't be able to handle. Stick with cloneDVD2