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    I know this is probably an easy fix, but I am at my wits end. My old computer died, and I had to replace it. I was able to reinstall Any DVD and Clone DVD, but when I try to rip movies now I get CSS error codes about the region not being set. I have checked the settings and it shows as Region1 US. My new computer is on Windows 10 and I am just learning to navigate it.

    Can someone please tell me how to get it to recognize the region or is there somewhere else I need to set the region?

    Thanks for all of your help.
  2. mmdavis

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    You MUST EXIT AnyDVD before checking or setting the drive region. Right-click the AnyDVD icon (lower right) and select Exit. AnyDVD cannot be running when you check drive region.
  3. Littlesis1*6

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    I have done that. When I check it, it show Region 1. Should I delete and reinstall? Is there anyplace else I need to check or change the region?
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    Yes, exit anydvd completely (uninstall is NOT needed) then go into windows device manager

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    For the sake of clarity..........
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    Thank you for all of your help. I have created a log file. I double-checked and both the region of the computer and the region on any dvd is set for United State. If someone can take a look at the logfile and give me some guidance, I would greatly appreciate it.

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  7. FurryGuy

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    Per the logfile you created:
    Your drive's region is still not set.
  8. mmdavis

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    Anydvd CAN NOT be running. In the bottom right corner of the screen (by the clock), there is either a little white triangle (Win 7/8) or a white ^ (Win10). Left click on it and a box will pop up. You should see the Red Fox icon. Right-click on it and select EXIT. Then go check and change your drive region.
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  10. Littlesis1*6

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    Okay, then I must be checking it in the wrong place. In Windows 10, where do I go to check it? I am checking the region for the computer, I assume. How do I go about checking for the drive's region?
  11. FurryGuy

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    1. EXIT AnyDVD completely. If AnyDVD is running when you try to set/change the drive's region it won't work. Right-click the RedFox icon in the notification area (bottom right of the screen) and select Exit.

    2. With the Window 10 Start Menu open type (without the quotes) "device manager". That should allow you to start the Windows device manager app.

    3. Find the DVD/CD-Rom Drives section. Click the + to open for what Windows sees as available DVD/CD drives. You should see an entry PLDS DVD-RW DA8AESH XL6M". Or one similar to it.

    4. Right-click that entry and select Properties. That brings up the drive's properties dialog.

    5. One of the tabs should be marked as "DVD Region". Click that.

    6. The info on that tab page will tell you what the drive's current DVD region is set as. With AnyDVD NOT running the "Current Region" should say 0 (or "Not Selected"). Along with a number of remaining changes.

    7. If the current DVD region is not 0, AnyDVD is still likely running in the background and is making Windows report wrong information.

    8. If the current DVD region is 0 ("Not Selected"), scroll and find what country you are in. For example, United States. When you've selected your country the "New Region" should tell you a region code/country has been selected.

    9. Press "OK". You get asked if you want to change the DVD region, select "OK" again. The dialog closes.

    10. Device manager, right click for properties and select "DVD Region" tab. The info on that tab page should now indicate Windows has properly updated the drive's DVD region.

    11. While not needed I suggest you reboot. Create a new, updated log file and post it here as you did previously so we can check it has been done successfully.

    Once the drive's DVD region has been set you should never had reason to change it.

    Coincidentally I used a USB DVD-writer drive to help me see what steps were needed to set a drive's DVD region. The USB drive's DVD region was not selected. So I set the region to 1. :)
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