Help! 2 x Pioneer BDR209D - One rips twice as fast as the other?

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    Here's a strange one

    I have 2 x Pioneer BDR209D BluRay Burners installed in my PC (SATA Ports 2 and 3). They are both using Firmware 1.20

    The issue is that the E: drive is always much slower than the G: drive


    It's not the discs as I have tried swapping them. Even when you rip a single disc, E: is always around 8MB whilst the same disc in G: rips at nearly double.
    Just watching them both ripping now, the E: is constantly on 8.58MB whilst the G: drive is now sitting at 30.73MB!!

    any ideas?

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    1. Check owners manual and internet for Rip Lock and how to remove it or keep it from starting-up.
    2. Swap SATA connections on the motherboard side and see what happens.
    3. One drive could be wearing out.
    4. Check device manager for errors
    5. Verify again you have the same firmware installed on both drives and it is the latest version.
    6. If you have a 4 port computer for SATA connections you could use port 4 for the slowest burner and see what happens.
    7. Is the oldest optical drive ripping the slowest? If yes, and you have used it a lot, most likely it is worn out.
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