Hello, SlySoft Programmers!


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Hello, SlySoft Programmers ,

What do you think of my idea of SlySoft releasing its own player software specialized in playing Region-DVDs, Region-Blu-Rays, HDs, and Audio-CDs?

I have already described the advantages: the player would have no restrictions (in PowerDVD Ultra, the "Capture" options don't work for HD and Blu-Ray; the Regions can be changed only five times) and would be fully independent (the next version of PowerDVD Ultra could find a way to disable the AnyDVD-HD options). So an independent player would be very useful :agree: .

Another little request: when adding "Rip Video-Blu-Ray Disc to Harddisk" to AnyDVD-HD, PLEASE :bowdown: also add "Rip Audio-CD to Harddisk"--just to make the AnyDVDRipper complete.

I hope you will find my suggestions interesting.
Many greetings :) ,

A Friend