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Hello, PEER!


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Hello, PEER,

What do you of a SlySoft member think of my idea of SlySoft releasing its own player software specialized in playing Region-DVDs, Region-Blu-Rays, HDs, and Audio-CDs?

I have already described the advantages: the player would have no restrictions (in PowerDVD Ultra, the "Capture" options don't work for HD and Blu-Ray; the Regions can be changed only five times) and would be fully independent (the next version of PowerDVD Ultra could find a way to disable the AnyDVD-HD options). So an independent player would be very useful :agree: .

Another little request: when adding "Rip Video-Blu-Ray Disc to Harddisk" to AnyDVD-HD, PLEASE :bowdown: also add "Rip Audio-CD to Harddisk"--just to make the AnyDVDRipper complete.

I hope you will find my suggestions interesting.
Many greetings :) ,

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Whilst I agree that it would be nice to have a player which fully supported HDi without requiring an HDCP gfx card, it seems well outside the company's strategy. With protection removed, it won't take long for mplayer or vlc to be able to play the streams (they don't seem to be able to at the moment) and then a short step from that to play .map files, and then .xpl files.. and finally HDi.

I'd rather they concentrated on the XPL/ACA editing capabilities and perhaps stripping of unused streams from the EVObs.