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  1. islhopr

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    Liteon SH-16A7s SATA Burner

    Will not Read or Burn using Anydvd!@ Ver 6114!!
    Same error pops up when trying to read, and also will not burn on the Fly.
    The one Older Liteon I just replaced, had Zero issues??

    Any work arounds? Any Fixes???. Otherwise this drive is usless to me!!


    Asus SLI Deluxe
    AMD 4400 Dual
    Evga SLI 7600GT X2
    WD Sata-2 500x2 Raided
    Patriot 4200- 2g
    Samsung SH-61837 SATA/Lightscribe Burner
    Liteon SH-16A7s SATA Burner <------ THE PROBLEM
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    What firmware version does your burner have?
  3. G-Omaha

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    Diagnostics 101 ---- Uninstall AnyDVD. Then try to play a "Normal Store Bought DVD" and try to write to the unit using any software other then a SlySoft product. If the problem goes away - it may be AnyDVD's problem or it may not (read on) - if it doesn't go away, you have a bad drive.

    If the problem went away, reinstall AnyDVD and try to read the same DVD. If it works, then you never "established" the Drives "Region Code" and it should work from now on.

    ALL new drives are delivered without the Region being set and sometimes even the best of us forget this until we experience some real weird behavior on the new drives.
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