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  1. Bigrick

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    I have looked all over this forum but I can't find what I need. How can i get my backed up hddvd movies from my hard drive on to a blank hddvd. is there a burner out if there is were can i get it cause i have had no luck finding it, and if not what is my other option.
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    I don't think there are any stand-alone HD-DVD burners.. I think they were all shipped in systems (and with HD-DVD going away there probably won't be any forthcoming)
  3. Bigrick

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    does that mean ill have to convert my movies to bluray and if so is there possibly a more simple way in doing that then what is eplained in the conversion guide
  4. hddvdsupporter

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    i connect my computer with hdmi to the lcd television, so i don't have to burn a movie.

    if you dont want to convert a movie, you should buy an Multi-Player from LG or Samsung (plays HD-DVD AND blu-ray)
    if you have one of these, you can burn your hd-dvd movie on a blank blu-ray media and the player will play it fine.
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    I bought an OEM Writer for my laptop just before Xmas, have to say though I wouldn't bother, copies of single layer discs sometimes work on my Xbox 360 player but not on my settop player, and I can't get dual layer disc to work at all even if I do a disc to disc copy removing the AACS. They'll play back on the PC but not on any other player I've tried