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Jan 30, 2007
Has anyone tried to encode their HD DVD rips or Blu Ray rips and convert them to AVCHD to play on their Blu Ray player with Nero 7? What is the quality like and is it better than the Blu Ray Player just upconverting a normal DVD?
Haven't tried it with HD-DVD or BD but I have with 1080p WMV-HDs downloaded from Microsoft's HD sample page. Transcoded the quality looks fine, and that's projected big. If you export as an mpeg2 HD it is very quick but I don't think it does a double pass, and the AVCHD Nero Digital would only work on some, not others (most stuttered)... but I outputted as a BD disc (choose AVCHD DVD) and burned on a DVD and it works great with no stuttering and looks better than the mpeg2 HD. The PS3 sees it as data and you just open the STREAM file and play - it copies to the PS3 HD as a AVC file. It's great that you can burn a BD disc without a Blu-Ray burner!

Only drawback: it takes 1 hour for 1 minute of transcoding! On my P4 3.2 anyhow.

There are so many output settings on the Nero it's a bit head-spinning: AVC mp4, AVCHD Nero Digital, mpeg2 HD, AVI HD.... all available at 1080p. The choice is yours.

Anyone know a quicker way?
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I assume your reason for wanting to convert a blu ray rip to AVCHD is for space purposes? If not, there is an excellent guide on one of the threads here how to burn your blu ray backups so they play on your stand alone blu ray player.
Is this for burning to a blu ray disc or a dvd disc? The reason for this right now is the price of a blank blu ray disc versus a blank dvd.
Is this for burning to a blu ray disc or a dvd disc? The reason for this right now is the price of a blank blu ray disc versus a blank dvd.

IMHO that would be the "only" logical reason to burn to a blank dvd, cost! But the last thing I've seen on this (but I should see if there are any new developments) is audio playback has been only 2 channels, even on BD media. I hope someone corrects me, but it seems the PS3 sees a difference and plays only 2 channel audio. This is the reason why I've been searching out great Blu-ray movie deals while waiting for some of this to pan out. I'll be able to do my own testing in the audio area next weekend.

Anyone getting true 5.1 audio from a dvd or bd burn?
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The AVC file Nero creates is 5.1, it's just that PS3 doesn't output 5.1 from AVC and BD data yet - it doesn't even output 5.1 on it's own trailers etc.

But a PS3 update will no doubt fix this issue.

(The new Bruce Springsteen trailer outputs 2.0 and looks TERRIBLE!) Take a look at the Aimee Mann sample on microsoft's HD page and you'll see the difference - it looks like a window into the concert.

I don't see why the WMV-HD didn't become the standard (it plays on all computers right now at FULL HD) If only there were a standalone player or the PS3 played it - Xbox does, I believe.) The WMV of Terminator 3 that you can buy for $7.99!!! looks amazing (sourced from a 70mm HD transfer and personally supervised by Cameron) and according to many comparisons is much better than the BD (mpeg2) release. Apparently there's a AVC HD-DVD out soon.

We already had HD capability with WMV - just cos of AVC we have to upgrade EVERYTHING and spend mucho $$$.

AVC is vastly overrated as far as I'm concerned, and I have a 12 foot wide movie screen. It all depends on the source. I have no problems with WMV-HD. The Xbox downloads 8GB WMV-HD movies from the store and I'm sure no-one can tell the difference.
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